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Montessori Education BA (Honours)

  • Course Code


  • Field of Study


  • Type of Course:

    Honours Degree

  • Type of Qualification:

    BA (Honours)

  • Type of Study:

    Full time

  • Application Closing Date:

    Tuesday 5th June 2018

Course duration:

2 Years (4 Semesters)

Admission Requirements:

This is a 2 year add-on degree that requires students to have achieved a FETAC (now QQI) Level 6 Award to be eligible to apply for Year 3 and have achieved a BA (Ordinary) Level 7 to be eligible to apply for Year 4.

  • Applications for Year 3 of the BA (Hons) in Montessori Education are invited from students who have achieved a full FETAC Level 6 Award in Montessori (3-6 years) with a merit profile and a minimum of two distinctions.
  • Students who have achieved a BA  in Montessori (Level 7) are eligible to apply directly to Level 8 (Year 4), the application procedure is the same.

CIT is in partnership with Cork College of Commerce though applications are also welcome from equivalent courses and mature students through the Recognition of Prior Learning process. Recognition of prior learning can be gained formally from previously certified coursework, and informally or non-formally through workplace experience – these applications will be processed on a case by case basis


Sport, Leisure and Childhood Studies

Dr Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952) developed an innovative, child-centred approach to education. The goal of Montessori education is to foster a child’s natural inclination to learn. Montessori teachers are trained facilitators in the classroom, always ready toassist and direct. Their purpose is to excite the child’s enthusiasm for learning and to guide it, without interfering with the child’s natural desire to teach themselves and become independent.


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CIT, in partnership with Cork College of Commerce, is offering a BA (Honours) in Montessori Education leading to a NFQ Level 8 award. This is a specialist two-year add-on Honours Degree programme that aims to produce highly skilled Montessori 6-12 teachers with the requisite knowledge, skills, and competence to work effectively to meet the requirements of children in a variety of Irish or international educational settings.

It has two entry points; direct to Stage/Year 1 for those with a QQI Level 6 Montessori qualifi cation and direct to Stage/Year 2 for those with a Level 7 degree in Montessori. The degree includes supervised internship as well as practical and research experience.

The programme focusses on teacher training with a balance of Montessori practical labs, theory and supervised internship including a preparatory module to inform teaching practice and offers an array of supporting modules, such as, psychology, creative and critical thinking, PE: moving and learning, process-led arts, ICT, research skills, ethics and administration.

Moreover, students can choose an elective module; the range includes Irish, outdoor learning, leadership in practice, inclusion: partnerships to name a few.


There is a mandatory 8 Week (240 hours) Teaching Practice in Primary Schools in Stage/Year 1 where students will have the opportunity to create and deliver appropriate lesson plans.

In line with CIT policy, students on placement are required to undergo vetting. Vetting is conducted by the National Vetting Bureau (formerly known as the Garda Central Vetting Unit). The National Vetting Bureau (NVB) helps to assess the suitability of all applicants on this programme. It is important to note that participation in or completion of this programme may be affected by subsequent disclosure/discovery..


“The transition from the College of Commerce to Cork Institute of Technology was smooth. We had induction and orientation around campus and the lecturers made us feel welcome which helped us settle in. We have our own space; a specially designed room with Montessori materials. We are treated as educators and we contribute a lot to the programme.

We have a close bond with all the lecturers which makes the
CIT experience enjoyable!”

The first Montessori Class to CIT



What are the admission requirements?
This is a progression degree that has two entry points; eligible students may apply directly to Stage/Year 1 or directly to Stage/Year 2 depending on the qualifications they have achieved.

What is a progression (or Add-On) degree?
A progression degree is a programme that builds on an existing knowledge base. In this case, the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Montessori Education (Level 8) builds on the knowledge base of the Montessori philosophy and method for 0-6 year olds and focusses on the philosophy and method for supporting children’s learning (6-12yrs).

  • To be eligible to apply to Stage/Year 1 requires students to have achieved a QQI level 6 in Montessori with a Merit profi le and a minimum of 2 Distinctions. CIT is in partnership with Cork College of Commerce though applications from comparable institutes are welcome.
  • To be eligible to apply to Stage/Year 2 requires students to have achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Montessori Education (Level 7).

Application for Stage/Year 1 and Stage/Year 2 is by ‘Direct Entry’ only – eligible students apply directly to the Admissions Offi ce in CIT and do not apply through the CAO system.

Please email for an Application Form.

Is there a pathway to primary school teaching from this course?
BA (Honours) graduates are eligible to apply for the Professional Masters in Education (which typically runs for 24 months) as long as they present with the minimum Leaving Certifi cate requirements.

Where can I find detailed module information?

CIT has developed this website which gives full details of all modules for all courses. The website also has information on recommended textbooks, average weekly workload, assessments and exams.

How many places are available?
There are 50 places in Year 3, and 30 places in Year 4.

CIT has developed a website which gives full details of all modules for all courses. The website also has information on recommended textbooks, average weekly workload, assessments and exams.

Detailed module information for the BA (Honours) in Montessori Education is available here

Graduates may seek employment in a number of areas including national and international Montessori schools (0-12yrs); working with children with specifi c learning needs; ECCE profession; Out-of-School centres; sector related management and policy development and research centres.

Application for the BA (Honours) in Montessori Education is by Direct Entry only.

Completed Application Forms must be returned to the Admissions Office, Cork Institute of Technology, Bishopstown, Cork on or before Tuesday 5th June, 2018.

Please download the Application Form here

Helpful Application Form information:



 FULL TITLE OF COURSE: BA (Honours) in Montessori Education
 COURSE CODE: HMONT_8  Level 08 Yr/Stage 03 (for Level 6 applicants)
 COURSE CODE: HMONT_8  Level 08 Yr/Stage 04 (for Level 7 applicants)
 COMMENCEMENT DATE: September 2018


Marian Quinn
T: 021 4326 022