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Principles of Sesame Drama & Movement Therapy

  • Course Code


  • Field of Study

    Drama,Art Therapy

  • Type of Course:

    Special Purpose Award

  • Type of Qualification:

    Special Purpose Award

  • Type of Study:

    Part time

  • Application Closing Date:

    31st May 2018

Admission Requirements:

The course is aimed at both individuals with some experience of working in a creative expressive medium with other people who wish to explore further therapeutic training, as well as health workers, educators, psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, who seek to develop imaginative and embodied interventions in their practice.

Candidates will be required to undertake an interview at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design before admission to the course.

Interview date: June 1st 2018


Arts in Health and Education


All part-time programmes at CIT will run subject to sufficient student numbers. Where a programme cannot proceed, applicants will be contacted and advised on alternative study options.

Students should note that Fees quoted relate to the academic year 2018-2019 only and are subject to change on an annual basis. Except where stated, course fees cover the cost of tuition only. 

Special Purpose Award at Level 8 (10 credits)    
Fee €1,480 


The Sesame Approach uses movement, story-making, play and non-verbal communication as an indirect, right-brain responsive therapy and has been a therapeutic practice for over 50 years.  Its intention is to restore people’s listening to a deeper part of their being which is fundamentally healthy and creative, but which goes unrecognised, shadowed by attention on diagnosis or pathology. Metaphor and image speak in the language of the inner world and emerge when a person feels sufficiently safe to express themselves imaginatively and through the non-verbal knowing of the body. Problems are met from a changed perspective, self-confidence grows and relationship with other people develops.    

Sesame Foundation Course Pedagogy

The pedagogy or learning mode of the Sesame Foundation places priority on experience, but is underpinned by existing theories.  Students will work symbolically through the imagination in a series of experiential workshops, and make links with how their experience relates to therapeutic practice. Alongside the workshops will be lectures to support the learning, as well as a number of assignments to help students reflect on their experience on the course.

Course Content & Attendance 

Sesame is informed by the philosophies and theories of Marian R Lindkvist, Rudolph Laban, Carl Jung and Peter Slade, along with human development psychology. The course will introduce the student to:

  • The Sesame Approach and the craft of therapy   
    An introduction to theory and practice of the Sesame approach 
  • Human Development and Jungian Psychology 
    An introduction to Erikson’s stages of life and core Jungian themes and their relationship to the Sesame approach
  • Story Making and Myth Enactment
    The use of enacted archetypal story in therapy
  • The Use of Body and Movement 
    Body awareness, Laban Motion Factors, Movement with Touch and Sound and its importance within therapy
Clinical Application

Presentations and reflections on the application of the Sesame approach within current clinical situations. Engagement and reflections on therapeutic workshop planning in clinical practice areas.

  • Please note that applicants will be required to pay an acceptance fee of €700 online if a place on a course is offered. This fee is deductible from the overall course fee.
  • Please attach and upload any documents such as transcripts, CV, other details relevant to the application.


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