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2017 Munster Cansat Competition

2017 Munster Cansat Competition

Published on: Tuesday, 25 October 2016


European Space Agency competition for 2nd Level Students (transition year and upwards)  run by ESERO Ireland  in association with Cork Electronic Industries Association and Institutes of Technology.



21st October 2016

Munster CanSat Launch
Teachers & Mentors Workshop

Nov/Dec/Jan 2016 CanSat Team workshops, dates tbc
11th March 2017 Munster Regional Final @ CIT
8th Apr 2017 Irish National Final @ Birr Castle








What is CanSat

A CanSat is a simulation of a real satelite, built inside a empty soft drink can

CanSat Competition

Teams of school students compete to design, build and test a mini-satelite or CanSat. The competition gives students a feeling of excitement and technological achievement by launching their own satelite and gives them their first practical experience of a real space project.

Your Mission … should you choose to accept it

  • Fit all the major subsystems found in a satelite such as power, sensors and communications in a CanSat
  • Provide a parachute to ensure the can has a gentle landing
  • Carry out scientific experiments and transmit the data to an earth based computer
  • Entry is open to 4-6 second level students (Transition Year, Fifth Year and Sixth Year) per team

What help will you get

CIT will support participating schools by providing access to state-of the-art labs, technical support and industry mentors for the competing teams. Each team and their teacher will be provided with a kit, an introduction course and on-going techanical support from a dedicated technical mentor.

Enquiries to Dr Joe Connell by email

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