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Let food be your medicine

West cork nutritionist, Majella O’Neill will be holding a talk in the tourism building entitled “Let Food be you Medicine” in the Cork Institute of Technology on Tuesday the 7th of March as part of CIT’s Innovation Week.

CIT’s innovation week celebrates Innovation and provides students with the information and support to become Ireland’s next group of successful entrepreneurs. Ever since completing her degree in Nutrition, Majella O’Neill has had an avid interest in nutrition and how a diet can not only improve your overall health and wellbeing but also affect your mood.

Majella believes that certain processed foods have a direct link to such mental health issues as anxiety and depression. Majella will be addressing the students of CIT on how to properly nourish themselves in order to face the challenges of life and inform them on healthy eating habits that will prove beneficial to them, not only in the short term but will also benefit their long term health and help prevent illness later in life.

Majella comes from an agricultural background and has had the opportunity to be around organic food all her life. She believes that too many adulterants are being put into modern food to serve such purposes as improving shelf life or to appear more visually appealing.

Majella feels that dieting should not be a punishment but as a way of being kind to ourselves and preparing delicious food that nourishes us. The biggest challenge, she says, is making that switch in our minds.