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Rosie Lynch Callan Workhouse

Innovation week at Crawford College of Art & Design

11.30am, D.L.T., Sharman Crawford Street, Cork City


Rosie Lynch, curator with Callan Workhouse Union (CWU) will discuss the impetus and thinking behind various CWU projects and the role of the artist in civic life. 

CWU  is a developing facility and commissioning agency for visual art, design, architecture,  research and community activities and projects, based in Callan, Co. Kilkenny. Since 2013, artist and designer-led projects have been accumulating use and meaning for the building's new life, bringing access for the public to this significant historic site. Recent projects at CWU include Workhouse Guild (2016) a residency programme with art/craft collaborations and commissioned new work; Workhouse Union (2015) a series of new work critically exploring the history and legacy of Callan Workhouse in the context of institutionalism and Workhouse Assembly (2013) a twelve-day active research workshop. CWU's work extends to projects that examine the future of rural towns, housing, civic infrastructure and the commons.  CWU is working on a long-term project with Camphill Community Callan to develop Nimble Spaces, an innovative citizen-led approach to housing. The first phase of the project culminated in May 2015 with Ways to Live Together: New Cultures of Housing, an international conference held at VISUAL, Carlow, exploring participatory design, spatial justice, social housing and co-housing. The project has now entered into the design and build phase, with three inclusive neighbourhoods (24 new homes) in the initial phase of development in the Callan area. CWU continues to support new work examining the future of rural towns through Meet You at the Green? - a large-scale project happening throughout 2017.