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Disability Service

Disability Support Service for students with disabilities/learning differences/health conditions

The aim of the Disability Support Service in CIT is to encourage the participation and access of students with disabilities into third level education.  Every student with a disability has the right to reasonable and appropriate accommodations determined on an individual basis according to the student’s certified disability/learning difference/health condition.


CIT Disability Support Service operates a strict confidentiality policy and information is only disclosed with the student's consent. 

Disability Support Service Staff


  • The Disability Support Service is located in the Access Service, Student Centre, CIT, Bishopstown, Cork.
  • The Assistive Technology Service is located in the Student Centre, on the ground floor, next to Bank of Ireland. 
  • The Access Learning Support Service is located at the back of the Assistive Technology Service, Student Centre. 

Supports available for CIT students

Students need to register fully with the service before they can access any of the supports listed below. 

  • Personal assistants
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Note takers/use of Assistive Technology in lectures
  • Speed text/Stereotype operators
  • Exam accommodations/supports
  • Assistive Technology
  • Alternative Media Formats
  • Open Access Lab
  • Liaise with Academic staff on behalf of or with students (with consent)

Fund for Students with Disabilities

There is a fund available to full-time students with disabilities called the Fund for Students with Disabilities which can provide specific academic supports, personal assistants, sign language interpreters etc.  Please see our Student Guide to the DSS for more information on the supports available -  To apply for funding, the student must provide relevant documentation as evidence of a disability e.g. educational psychologist report, audiologist report etc.  Please note that letters from a GP are not accepted as evidence of a disability.  Students attending full time courses in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK and the EU are eligible to apply for the fund.

The Disability Support Officer makes applications to the Fund on behalf of an eligible student after an assessment of need with the student. Students cannot apply directly to the Fund. The Disability Support Officer is also responsible for the management of the funding approved for eligible students. The National Access Office assesses all applications and deems who is eligible for the funding.



Contact the Disability Support Service for more information; Telephone 021 433 5107/021 4335137 or Email


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