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Apprentices registering with the DSS


SOLAS apprentices are welcome to register with the DSS for exam supports and other supports while studying at CIT.

How to register

Apprentices will receive a yellow paper registration form in their packs/at induction or can request it from the DSS. You need to complete this form and give the DSS a copy of your supporting documents to register fully for supports. The documents can be an educational psychologist’s report/a State Examination Commissions letter for dyslexia, or a consultant/GP’s letter for a health condition/disability

If you were registered for exam supports in CIT in the past and would like these again for your repeat/Phase 6 exams please give your completed registration form to the DSS by the dates below. You do not need to give us another copy of your documents again.

Deadlines for registering for exam supports

Please drop your completed DSS registration form and documents into the Access Service office (where the DSS staff are based), ground floor of the CIT Student Centre in Bishopstown campus (open 8.30am - 4.30pm). You must do this by the dates below in order for the DSS to confirm what exams supports you are entitled to in your SOLAS exams. The DSS will inform the Disability Administrator in the Exams Office who will make the arrangements for you.

SOLAS Phase 4/6 blocks Dates for registering for exam supports
September - December 2017 block Friday  27th October 2017
January - March 2018 block Friday 9th February 2018
April - June 2018 block Friday 4th May 2018


Contact details

General apprentice queries:
Carmel O’Regan, CIT Exams Office, Melbourn Building, Bishopstown campus
Tel.  021 433 5048 E-mail:

Exam arrangements for DSS apprentices:
Disability Administrator, CIT Exams Office, Melbourn Building, Bishopstown campus

Tel: 021 433 5049 E-mail:

Disability Support Service (DSS) queries

Access Service, ground floor of Student Centre, Bishopstown campus

Tel. 021 433 5107 / 5137 E-mail: