Year 1 & Advanced Entry Full time courses

Year 1 & Advanced Entry Full-time Offers

Offers are made through the CAO  for Year 1 & Advanced Entry (Post Year 1). Ensure that you accept your offer through the CAO.


Year 1 & Advanced Entry Full-time Registration

Registration and Induction for full-time programmes for September 2021 entry will take place from Friday 17th September until Friday 24th September with each course being allocated a specific date and time.


Welcome Information Packs  will be posted between 14th - 17th September to all students after CAO acceptances close. These packs will also contain personalised Registration Form which will list the student's specific date/time of Registration & Orientation.

  • Registration for courses will take place in the Exam Hall, Melbourne Building, Bishopstown Campus - click on registration timetable below
  • First Year students' classes will begin on 27th September unless specified otherwise


Registration Timetable >>




What to bring with you on the day of Registration & Orientation?

  • Please bring your completed Registration form (back & front)

  • Please bring along a photocopy of your Birth Certificate or Passport - i.e. a legal document showing your official name.

  • Please bring proof of PPSN.

  • If you were born in a non-EU country, but have an EU passport, ensure that you bring it along to Registration.

  • Non-EU students should also bring along their original passport (and copy) and their study visa (stamp on passport, or GNIB/IRP card).

  • Students for courses requiring Garda vetting should present original passport and birth certificate and also have two copies of each. 
    CR121: BMus (Hons), CR125 BA (Hons) in Popular Music, CR130: BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre, CR700: BA (Hons) in Theatre & Drama Studies, CR031: BA in Social Care Work, CR032: BBus in Recreation & Leisure Mgt., CR440: BEd (Hons) in Montessori Education, CR622: BA (Hons) in Montessori Ed., CR430: BBus (Hons) in Sport & Exercise Mgt., CR435: BSc (Hons) in Coaching Science & Sports Pedagogy, CR035: BA in Community Development CR620: BA in Early Childhood Education & Care, and CR930: BA (Hons) in Home Economics & Business.

  • Future NMCI students (CR094, CR095 and CR805) must bring Seafarer Medical Certificate (Form ENG11).

  • BSc (Hons) in Pilot Studies and Global Business also need to bring their Class 1 Medical Certificate


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Admissions Office will be open daily from 10am - 3pm for any further enquiries





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