Year 1 & Advanced Entry Full time courses

Year 1 & Advanced Entry Full-time Offers

Offers are made through the CAO  for Year 1 & Advanced Entry (Post Year 1). Ensure that you accept your offer through the CAO.


Year 1 & Advanced Entry Full-time Registration

Orientation for full-time programmes for September 2022 entry will take place from Monday 19th September until Friday 23rd September with each course being allocated a specific date and time.

  •  Students will be emailed welcome information which will include how to register online. It is important to complete online registration prior to attending orientation.
  • Orientation for courses will take place in the Exam Hall, Melbourne Building, Bishopstown Campus - the orientation timetable will be available online shortly.
  • First Year students will begin classes on September 26th unless otherwise specified.


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What to bring with you on the day of Orientation & ID Card issue?

  • Please complete Online Registration prior to attending your orientation. Online registration details will be emailed to you after the CAO acceptance deadline.
  • To collect your student I.D. card please bring along a photocopy of your Birth Certificate or valid Passport - i.e., a legal document showing your official name.
  • Please bring proof of PPSN (e.g., Public Service Card, Revenue Document, Medical Card)
  • If you were born in a non-EU country, but have an EU passport, ensure that you bring it along to Orientation.
  • Non-EU students should also bring along their original passport (and copy) and their study visa (stamp on passport, or GNIB/IRP card).
  • Students for courses requiring Garda vetting should present original passport and birth certificate and also have two copies of each.   

           MT910 Sport and Exercise Management

           MT915 Coaching Science and Sports Pedagogy

           MT930 Home Economics and Business

           MT936 Music

           MT937 Popular Music

           MT938 Musical Theatre

           MT939 Theatre and Drama

           MT970 Montessori Education 

           MT510 Recreation and Leisure Management

           MT572 Early Childhood Education and Care

           MT573 Social Care Work

           MT575 Community Development grammes


  • Future NMCI students

MT764 Marine Engineering

MT765 Marine Electrotechnology

MT766 Nautical Science

must bring Seafarer Medical Certificate (Form ENG11).


  • MT946 Global Business with Pilot Studies also need to bring their Class 1 Medical Certificate


We hope our list of Frequently Asked Questions will help answer any queries you may have about your course and arriving on Campus.



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