Noel Duffy

Noel Duffy, B.E. (Chem), MIChemE, FIEI, Chartered Engineer
Senior Lecturer
Room: E21
Tel: +353-21-4335882

I am a chartered chemical engineer, a member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and Engineers Ireland.  After graduating from UCD, I worked in what was then known as Nitrigin Eireann Teoranta, later Irish Fertilizer Industries, at Marino Point, Cork, where my role was in technical support for the urea plant and later operations engineer for the site utilities and offsite facilities.  I joined CIT in 1983, shortly after the establishment of the chemical engineering degree.  In 1991 I co-founded the Clean Technology Centre and more recently, the Irish National Centre for Membrane Technology.  While teaching a wide range of material in the field of chemical engineering, I am primarily associated with the activities of the Clean Technology Centre,  The Centre, part of CIT, was established with a strong industrial support base and has developed this to provide consultancy, research and training to diverse sectors in Ireland, undertaking projects for the European Commission and reaching as far as China.  My activities there have ranged widely from e.g. researching the socio-economic factors that promote cleaner production, to the economic assessment of recovering solvent hazardous waste, to considering how sustainability considerations can be integrated in the logistics industry.

My teaching now extends to the Sustainable Energy Engineering degree and to the taught Masters programmes in the Department of Civil Engineering.  My interests lie in adopting preventive approaches to environmental issues, to considering all dimensions of sustainability (economic, social and governance as well as environmental) and to working in an applied way with industry to effect positive change.


I teach, wholly or partly (*), the following modules:

CODE Module title Associated programme
INTR6011 Sustainable development BEng Hons Sustainable Energy Eng Y2
CHEP7005 Equilibrium separations (*) BEng Hons Chem&Biopharm Eng Y2
ELEC7008 Energy & the environment

BEng Hons Sustainable Energy Eng Y3

Certificate in Environmental & Energy Engineering

EPRO7001 Waste prevention (*) Environmental Protection (single subject cert)
CHEP8001 Advanced Chemical Engineering (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y4
CHEP8007 EHS Risk Assessment (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y4
CHEP8010 Research Project (*)

BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y4

CHEP8014 Process Energy Analysis BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y3
CHEP8015 Process design, safety & economics (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y3
CHEP8016 Process energy analysis (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y4
CHEP8023 Chemical Process safety (*) Single subject certification for Pfizer Chemical Corp.
INTR8017 Sustainability Engineering

BEng Hons Sustainable Energy Eng Y4

Cert Environmental & Energy Eng

I am currently supervising undergraduate projects that vary from simulation of solvent recovery, to carbon footprinting of municipal solid waste management systems, to environmental impact assessment of wind turbine developments.


My research has been concerned with environmental management, with a prevention perspective.  Usually, this has been carried out under the umbrella of the Clean Technology Centre and in association with industry.  Please see the Clean Technology Centre's website, here.

Post-graduate supervision

The following have obtained post-graduate degrees with (or in spite of!) my support:

  • Woodward, R., MSc, (2011), Material and energy flow analysis of the Irish construction sector.
  • O’Maolcatha, P., MSc, (2008), Treatment of industrial waste water containing active pharmaceutical ingredients with a membrane bioreactor, with the aim of reducing resource consumption at Eli Lilly SA.
  • Allen, K., MSc, (2006), Solvent Targeting, Avoidance and Recovery Techniques (START) at Janssen Pharmaceutical.
  • O’Connor, O., MSc, (2006), Zero Emissions Stretch Targets (ZEST) at FMC Biopolymer.
  • Wilkinson, S., MSc, (2004), Environmental management of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Ireland.
  • Bellec, C., MSc, (2003), Closed Material Cycles.
  • Burkley, C., MSc, (2003), Development of a process to recover a valuable component from a waste stream.

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