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CIT lecturer, Pat Kennedy, speaks at Hazards 26

CIT lecturer, Pat Kennedy, speaks at Hazards 26

Published on: Monday, 13 June 2016

CIT lecturer Pat Kennedy spoke on “The teaching of safety in an undergraduate chemical engineering programme” where he shared his experiences in teaching in CIT.  He had already been invited to spoke immediately prior to the main conference to the IChemE’s Education subject interest group.  CIT’s expertise teaching undergraduates, and professionals via the Chemical Process safety module to Pfizer, has positive features that are scarce to find in modern chemical engineering programmes.

Margaret Doran (class of 1991), presented with Pat Swords on: “CE Marking; ATEX, Machinery Directive, etc. – How to get it right”.  Margaret is EHS manager with PM Group in Cork.  The purpose of the poster was to share practical experience gained in the complexity of ensuring compliance with ‘New Approach’ Directives, such as the Machinery Directive, in the design, installation and commissioning of process plants.

Conor Crowley (by coincidence also from the 1991 class) presented on “Do the right job, and do the job right – process safety in appraise/select”.    Conor leads the Process Safety Team for Atkins in Aberdeen.  The poster’s theme was about trying to get people to agree what projects are worth doing and, most crucially WHY? (what risk benefit would actually accrue?  And why is the suggested solution going to work?).

Key lessons from the conference may be found at: