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Briefing session for placement mentors

Briefing session for placement mentors

Published on: Monday, 12 June 2017

Historically, many of our students spent a summer between third and fourth year in industry.  With the introduction of semesterisation and modularisation, we integrated this into a 10 credit module in third year.  The placement started in April, the assessed part ended in June, and most students continued working until the teaching term started again.  With our latest revision to the programme, we have extended the placement.  Third year is now a full year in CIT, students start on placement in June and continue until the end of December or into January, for a total of 15 credits.  In parallel, they undertake an “Engineering Research Project” with industry. 

We found that industry was keen on a longer placement, some students were even working in the sector between second and third year, rejoining for their placement, and many were going back to the company for their project – about one third of our final year projects were industry-based.

We presented an information session for current companies hosting students, to explain our changes and our expectations and to get further feedback.  We really appreciate their support, we can see the transformation that a period in industry creates.  It also benefits industry.  Extracting and paraphrasing the features from the IChemE’s document on placement:

  • Additional staff and/or project capacity
  • Staff development benefits
  • Recruitment benefits
  • Raising company profile
  • Better student understanding
  • Impact on work environment
  • Improved link with third-level
  • Corporate social responsibility

If your company wishes to progress a student placement, please contact