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Ceramics – Beginners

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    Part time

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Admission Requirements:

Students are not required to have any previous experience. This course is accredited so an 80% attendance is required to be eligible for assessment.


Fine Art & Applied Art, CIT CCAD

Timing Details

Monday 7.00pm - 9.30pm

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All part-time programmes at CIT will run subject to sufficient student numbers. Where a programme cannot proceed, applicants will be contacted and advised on alternative study options.

Students should note that Fees quoted relate to the academic year 2019-2020 only and are subject to change on an annual basis. Except where stated, course fees cover the cost of tuition only.

Students will be notified of their fees by email to their CIT email account and in all cases, course fees must be paid before attending lectures.



Course Fee: €TBC
Mondays: 7.00pm – 9.30pm
Module Title: Ceramics Handbuilding 201
Tutor:  Luke Sisk


This is a two part course offering students the opportunity to experience the realisation of their ideas through the medium of clay, covering the basics in hand building and decoration.


Part 1 is 10 weeks duration and is demonstration and project based. The students will learn how to build pots and sculptural work using pinching, coiling, slab building, mould work, and extrusion. They will explore various decoration and glazing techniques to produce a series of finished pieces.

In addition to the practical work, the course will also have a strong emphasis on visual research and design. Students are expected to keep a research journal where they can explore and develop their designs on a continuous basis. They will cover 2D drawing, personal research ideas, generating ideas using the notebook as well as theme and design development. To cover this research students have to be able to commit to working 4.5 hours weekly from home.

Part 2 is thirteen weeks duration and work from this semester goes for assessment to be accredited.

Students choose a personal project and develop their ideas using both their visual notebooks and the practical hand building skills acquired in part one.

As the course progresses students will be encouraged to engage with more self generated subjects that they can incorporate into their making. Experimentation and creativity will be explored through notebook development which in turn will be constructed in the making process. Decoration will be applied to suit the work using slips, underglazes and glazing. There will be a number of group critiques to review progress throughout the year Students are required to record their work development and are encouraged to self assess progress. A final presentation of finished work and notebooks will be displayed for accreditation.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Produce creative ideas within a given brief.
  • Produce, develop and execute three dimensional ideas.
  • Identify, collect and make creative use of visual material relevant to the development of ideas.
  • Critically appraise the out come of each stage of development and make informed choices about the direction of development.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in at least one hand building technique.

CIT: Single Module Certification, 5 ECTS credits at Level 7 on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Location: CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Sharman Crawford Street, Cork.


To apply, please email or telephone 021 4335220.


Course Enquiries, please email Luke Sisk

Request a Paper Application Form, please email:
021 4335220