Creativity and Change

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    Art,Education,Applied Art

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    Special Purpose Award

  • Type of Qualification:

    Special Purpose Award

  • Type of Study:

    Part time

  • Application Closing Date:

    31st August 2022, however places are offered on a rolling basis, so course may be full by this date.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants for this course should note that it is a Level 9, post-graduate level course, so there is an expectation that they will already have a level 8 degree. Equivalent, relevant experience is also taken into consideration. All applicants are asked to submit a statement outlining their experience, passions and motivations around creativity and global justice and highlight their intentions to apply their learning in a real-world context.


Course Duration and Time Commitment

Our 2022/23 programme will offer face-to-face sessions one weekend per month from September to May. Our base for weekend sessions will be at CCAD Grand Parade campus, with some opportunities for outdoor learning in different Cork City locations with our mobile pop-up bicycle classroom initiative. 




MTU Crawford College of Art & Design

Course Summary

This accredited, Special Purpose Award programme, targets educators, change-makers, activists, artists, youth and community workers, adult educators, volunteers and anyone who is interested in how creative engagement can nurture global citizenship and empathic action around local and global justice themes.


Creativity & Change is about creativity and its power to ignite empathy, passion and learning about our interconnected and interdependent world. It is about imagining more humane, just and viable ways to live in the world and to connect with how we think, live, and act in the world. This course explores how we can live as connected global citizens becoming part of the changes we want to see.



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The course fee for 2022/2023 is €680. This is a subsidised fee that is made possible by the support of a grant from Irish Aid's Development Education unit.



Special Purpose Award: 20 credits (Level 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications).



One weekend per month, from September to May.


What you can expect from the programme

At Creativity & Change, we offer an experiential approach to post-graduate learning. The course will combine presentations, case studies and group participation, with a focus on experiential learning, to explore the arts as a tool for advocacy and social action. Our processes explore the connections between our heads, hands and hearts and you can expect to engage in many types of creativity, including reflective journaling, creative writing, theatre, design thinking, visual art, street art, as well as opportunities for rich conversation and learning in nature. The first semester will introduce global citizenship and creativity in-depth and the second will give you the opportunity to develop an awareness-raising group project and facilitate workshops around a global justice theme you connect with.


As a response to Covid-19 restrictions, in 2020, we have developed a new pop-up mobile classroom initiative. Our cargo e-bike carries materials and participants travel together by bicycle to locations around Cork City and surrounds, applying our learning and creatively responding to the outdoor environment. The course is now back in-studio, with some opportunities to engage with the outdoor classroom.


You can see a little of how our 20/21 course looked in this introductory video:





Target Group

The programme targets educators, change-makers, activists, artists, youth and community workers, adult educators, volunteers and anyone who is interested in how creative engagement can nurture global citizenship and empathic action around local and global justice themes.

The programme is designed for people who can say ‘YES’ to the following questions.


  • Are you passionate about change?

  • Do you believe that you can make a difference in the world?

  • Do you believe that we need creativity to think in new ways about the challenges that face the world?

  • Are you curious about how creative processes and learning environments can transform how people engage with the world around them?

  • Do you want to build skills to bring others on a journey of transformation and growth as global citizens?

What you can expect from the programme


  • Participate in a transformative learning experience

  • Explore your place in our interconnected, rapidly-changing and unequal world

  • Connect your passions for change

  • Discover connections between local and global systems

  • Recognise that small actions can have big impacts

  • Reflect on your values, actions and behaviours as global citizens

  • Boost confidence in your own creativity

  • Innovate as you put your learning and passion into practice to engage others on a journey of transformation and growth as global citizens

  • Develop skills in facilitating meaningful dialogue, collaborative and transformative learning

  • Build a toolkit of exercises to design learning processes to nurture global citizenship

  • Apply Design Thinking to create imaginative learning environments and opportunities in a wide range of contexts, from workshop settings, to festivals, to the street.

  • Plug into a network of people passionate about creativity, learning and collaborating to create change in the world.


Certificate in Creativity & Change, 20 ECTS credits (Level 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications).

Module one ‘Thematic Creative Engagement’ considers the role of creativity in learning and its contribution to enabling engagement with knowledge, attitudes, values and behaviours of global citizens. It engages learners with a range of models and concepts of learning related to Global Citizenship Education. Learners will engage with a range of global justice themes and topics related to local and global interconnectedness. They will also engage with a wide range of creative tools and methods. The module will require a deep critical personal engagement and self-reflection, developing personal perspective as a global citizen and connecting with values and themes. The learners will critically engage with the learning environment of the programme and their personal approach and style as learners in view of applying this learning to their practice.


Module 2 ‘Application to Practice’ builds on on the experiential learning process of the ‘Thematic Creative Engagement’ module. Learners will consider the application of their learning in professional practice. They will apply their learning in design and delivery of live projects that provide learning experiences for others and be given space for personal and peer reflection on their practice.

Amplifying Voices Scholarships

The core of Creativity & Change's work is to explore and address global justice and we value the perspectives and experiences of a diverse participant group when doing so.

We are consistently seeking to improve the accessibility of our programme and would love to provide opportunities to those who may have previously experienced barriers to accessing post-graduate education, such as migrants, refugees or Travellers. We are now in a position to offer a number of free places on our course to those who may not have otherwise been in a position to apply. See application process below.

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The course fee for 2022/2023 is €680. This is a subsidised fee that is made possible by the support of a grant from Irish Aid’s Global Citizenship Education unit.


Places on this programme are offered to suitable applicants on a rolling basis and will close once we reach maximum participant number. In recent years, we have had a high number of applicants and have not been in a position to offer places to all suitable candidates. It is therefore in your interest to apply for the programme as early as possible to avoid disappointment.



Before you click on the Apply Online button please read the following information carefully.

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  • Course fee is €680.
    Please note that successful applicants will be required to pay an acceptance fee of €340 online if a place is offered. This fee is deductible from the overall course fee. You will not be charged for applying for the programme by clicking the Apply Now button. You are only asked to pay an acceptance fee if a place is offered to you and you wish to accept it.
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  • Applications CANNOT BE MADE using a phone.
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In order to assess your application these essential additional documents specific to application for this programme need to be uploaded to the “Supporting Documentation” section of the application

  • An up-to-date CV
  • A word document with an application statement that includes answers to the following questions:
    • What are some of the local and global justice topics that you are most passionate about learning about and engaging others with? (100 words)

    • Why are you motivated to do this course? (100 words)

    • In what contexts would you like to apply what you learn? (100 words)

    • What is your experience and interest in creativity and creative processes? (100 words)

    • What is your experience if any in engaging in community and learning contexts either in paid or voluntary capacities? (100 words)

  • If applying for the Amplifying Voices Scholarship, include:     
    - What do you feel you can contribute to our programme?
    - Why is it meaningful to you to receive a scholarship?


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