Applied Building Information Modelling and Digital AEC (Postgrad Diploma)

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    AEC ,Architecture Engineering Construction

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    Postgraduate Diploma

  • Type of Qualification:

    Postgraduate Diploma

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    Part time,Online

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    26th September 2022

Course Summary

The Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Applied Building Information Modelling and Digital AEC is a one year, 60 credit [ECTS] programme fully delivered online. The programme focuses the development of skills in Digitisation, BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Information Technology (IT) to address a current skills gap in the industry and is directed at professionals originating from the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants should hold a minimum of a Level 8 in civil engineering, construction, architecture, architectural technology, building services engineering, or other cognate disciplines.


Equivalent recognition may be given through the Recognition of Prior Learning ( process on an individual case-by-case basis to candidates who have not achieved this academic standard but who can demonstrate significant relevant professional experience. Semester 1 electives include Advanced Level modules which provide students with the opportunity, where necessary, to enhance and develop skills in the BIM disciplines at Level 8.


Mature and non-standard Entrants
The Institute and Department facilitate non-standard entrants and the transfer of non-standard students on an individual, case by case, basis. A rigorous assessment of prior learning is carried out to establish competence and adherence to the requirements of the programme.


Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering

Location:  MTU, Bishopstown Campus, Cork

ECTS: 60


Course fee & delivery
Part-time: €7,500
2 evenings and one afternoon per week
No of timetabled 9 hours per week



The Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Applied Building Information Modelling and Digital AEC is a one-year, part-time, 60 credit programme delivered fully online. The programme focuses the development of skills in Digitisation, BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Information Technology (IT) to address a current skills gap in the industry and is directed at professionals originating from the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors. 


The underlining philosophy of the Postgraduate Diploma is the enhancement and deepening of professional practice skills. In addition to learning and developing BIM and Digitisation skills, the key aspect of the postgraduate diploma, through the industrial project, is to ensure graduates will gain an understanding of how these skills can be implemented in a professional workplace environment.


The Postgraduate Diploma delivers knowledge about sophisticated information and communication technologies and applies that in an AEC context. The programme addresses the needs for change in the AEC industry and enables Architects and Engineers to learn more about e-Business, knowledge management, mobile technologies, or software engineering. 


This programme was developed in conjunction with a number of leading Industry partners who continue to be involved, delivering guest lectures as a part of industry-based faculty alongside MTU’s academic staff. This programme was launched in 2020 after receiving Human Capital Initiative (HCI) and in 2021 programme received Springboard funding.


This programme is delivered fully online giving opportunity and ability to combine day to day work with learning at student’s pace. The Postgraduate Diploma in offered to graduates who have achieved a Level 8 degree in the areas of Architecture, Engineering and the Construction Industry who want to increase their knowledge or learn a new area of expertise in Digitisation and BIM.  Based on current market demand for such professionals, graduates of this programme will have the option of employment in number of areas and sectors within AEC industry.


Graduates of this programme will acquire following skills and knowledge:

  • A wide knowledge and understanding of Building Information Modelling, Management and Digitization aspects of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors together with Lean principles and techniques for delivery of multidisciplinary projects.
  • A broad knowledge and ability in adoption of collaborative approach in delivery of projects, communicate practical and innovative solutions to problems. Be critically aware of the current problems projecting within Digitisation in AEC, Lean Principles and depending on electives FM sectors.
  • Application of in-depth knowledge of personal and organizational skills and the ability to create innovative strategies to leverage current and emerging digital technologies and methods as an application to current and future challenges of AEC and Lean Principles and depending on the electives FM.
  • The ability to define and resolve complex problems in AEC sectors providing solutions for integrated project (ie. BIM, Lean Principles) delivery between people, process and technology. Demonstrate qualitative and quantitative judgement based on experience and intuition and developing independent critical thinking. The ability to enhance decision making skills in a professional AEC work setting.
  • The ability to act at a variety of professional levels. Apply the knowledge and understanding learned in different environments in their own organizations and projects; the ability to identify and critically appraise potential projects and opportunities, conduct appropriate industry based research and undertake the design and development of solutions to ill-defined and complex engineering especially in digitised AEC sector.
  • The ability and technical competence necessary to take significant responsibility for the work of individuals and groups in multidisciplinary settings; Demonstrate an ability to implement communication structures within an architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) project organisation.
  • Ability to self-evaluate their own learning, undertake continuous learning by identifying knowledge gaps and take responsibility for the pursuit of professional practice development pathways; Recognise and follow development by consulting professional best practices, learning how to assimilate and use for independent development.
  • The ability to scrutinise and reflect on broad technical, economic, environmental, ethical and social implications of BIM and Digitisation in AEC sector; Demonstrate confidence which reflects their academic achievements in the professional context and experience for the need for high ethical standards including responsibilities toward people and the environment.



Mondays      18:00  - 22:00   Online delivery

Thursdays     18:00 – 2200    Online delivery


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Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Building Information Modelling and Digital AEC (60 ECTS, Level 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications)

Semester #1 (September – December)

  • 6pm-10pm INTR9020 Digital Construction BIM & Lean [10 ECTS]
  • 6pm-10pm INTR9021 IT in AEC Industry 4.0 [10 ECTS]


Semester #2 (January – May)

  • 6pm-10pm DESI9002 Design Thinking for Industry 4.0 [10 ECTS]
  • 6pm-10pm INTR9022 BIM for Facilities Management [10 ECTS]


Semester 3 (June – August)

  • PLAC9023 Work Placement and Project [20 ECTS]


Full details of the modules on this programme of study are available by clicking the following link:


Modules >>




  • Online application is open for course commencing September 2022.

  • Applicants will be required to pay the course fee of €7,500 online if a place on a course is offered. 
    Note: You will not be charged for applying for the programme by clicking the 'apply now' button, you are only asked to pay the course fee if a place is offered to you and you wish to accept it.

  • Please attach and upload any documents such as transcripts, CV, other details relevant to the application.

  • The Postgraduate Diploma programme is Springboard+ funded and you can apply under:


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For course commencing 4th January 2022 and ending on 31st December 2022. Application deadline 31st December 2021.


  • This course is Springboard funded – apply via springboard
  • This course open to all applicants; Employed, Unemployed, and Returners who meet the eligibility criteria at the time of course commencement.
  • Documentation supporting applicant’s status will be required as part of the application process.
  • Further proof confirming an applicant’s continued eligibility will also be required at the time of course commencement.
  • Visit: Am I Eligible For a Springboard+ Course? at
  • The dedicated Springboard freephone helpline is available for further advice and information – 1800 303 523.


Dr Michal Otreba, Programme Coordinator, Department of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering

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