Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice (30 Credits)

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    Professional Practice

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    Professional Development

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    Postgraduate Certificate

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    Full time

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Course Summary

This is an internship programme delivered in conjunction with leading multinational industry partners in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device sectors. There are ten internships available funded through JobBridge.

Admission Requirements:

Academic eligibility for the programme is based on the student having completed a relevant Level 8 (Hons) degree in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) discipline area.

Candidates must also be eligible for one of the associated internships on the JobBridge website 


Process, Energy and Transport Engineering


Nine months. Candidates undertake a fulltime internship with a significant industry partner and are simultaneously registered on a 30-credit Part Time programme of study with MTU Cork.


This is a work-based programme. Students will work fulltime in the company in which they have secured the internship, and attend MTU Cork for four workshops of duration of 3-4 days each over the course of the nine months.

Field of Study

This is a Level 9 special purpose award in professional practice. Candidates will undertake modules relating to their own professional development and the organisational context within which they accumulate that professional practice.  Students will also undertake a specialist module in Lean Sigma Process Management. The course is open to Level 8 graduates of Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) disciplines who have secured an internship under this programme.

Work Placement

The student will be placed fulltime in the internship company for the nine month duration of the programme. Students will be assigned a work-based mentor as well as an academic tutor from MTU Cork.  Students will undertake Lean Sigma project work as part of the internship. As part of their academic learning, students will be asked to reflect on their own professional development in the context of the workplace.

Course summary 

The course allows Level 8 graduates to get that vital first professional experience in industry, while at the same time being registered on an academic programme earning 30 credits at Level 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Ten of the 30 credits are related to the student’s own professional development. A further ten credit module requires the student to reflect on the professional environment within which they find themselves, the organizational structure and culture and how that organizational culture impacts on a company’s success. The third ten credit module involves the student undertaking specific Lean Sigma training and assessing the impact of the practice of these skills on the organization.

Graduates of Higher Education Institutions can gain significant and valuable learning within their first year in a workplace setting with the reality that many of the work opportunities created are for graduates with a combination of knowledge and experience. This programme has been developed to provide a framework for higher education graduates to gain a recognised and validated award through a structured work-based learning internship within a partner organisation. An objective of the Programme will be to expand the quality and quantity of entry-level positions within Ireland’s multinational corporations and broader industrial base, thereby providing the State with a future pool of talent to meet current skills needs and to attract additional new investment.

This is a Pilot programme which will be reviewed after the first delivery by all parties. The review will be conducted by the HEA with input from the Graduates, the HEIs and industry partners.



There are three 10 credit modules associated with this programme:

Module 1: Personal Development and employability

Through this module the learner will develop a range of transferable skills intended to enhance their employability. The module will address communication, critical thinking and problem-solving. It will support the learner in assuming responsibility for managing their own learning and for identifying and accessing the supports that are available to them. This module will support learning and career planning and the development of the individual as a reflective practitioner.

Module 2: Organisational Context

Knowledge and appreciation of the complexity of the relationships within which an organisation functions is an important part of the graduate development process within most companies. This module supports the development of an understanding of the context within which the graduate intern will work and learn. It will focus on the economic, social, cultural and regulatory environments experienced within modern workplaces.

Module 3: Lean Sigma Process Management

This is a Work Based Learning module, where students on a structured internship reflect on the utilisation and effectiveness of Lean Sigma tools. The module provides a structured approach to solving problems and putting a sustaining mechanism in place to ensure problems do not re-occur. As part of the module students will examine, engage and reflect on continuous improvement activities within the workplace, utilising the Lean Sigma tools and methodologies.




This programme has been designed in conjunction with our industry partners and the Higher Education Authority (HEA).  Specifically, it aims to significantly improve the employability of recent graduates by providing them with a structured and accredited pathway out of education and into productive work, through the acquisition of meaningful and widely-recognised learning outcomes. Successful candidates will be placed for 9 months in a highly regarded multi-national company, thus greatly enhancing their ability to secure future employment based on their existing qualifications and the combination of the associated professional experience plus the Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice. 

Candidates must first apply for any of the associated internships advertised on the JobBridge website The onus is on the candidate to check their eligibility for the Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice (PGPP) before they apply for the internship. You can apply for internship opportunites at using 'PGPP' as a keyword.

Those who are successful in securing the internships will then (once eligibility is confirmed) be invited to register for the MTU Cork programme. Please click here to register.




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