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Policy Documents

Postgraduate Research Policy Documents


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Progress Reports



9.1 Research Progress Reports 

9.1.1 Bi-annual Progress Reports for each student are required to be completed and returned to the School of Graduate Studies Office at the end of March and of October each year. The bi-annual Progress Report consists of a standard form (Progress Report – Student) which is completed and signed by the postgraduate student and a second standard form (Progress Report – Supervisor) which is completed and signed independently by the Supervisor(s) following formal review of the student’s progress.


9.1.2 Prior to submission of the bi-annual Progress Reports, the work of the student should be formally reviewed by the student’s GSP. The student should report in writing to the GSP on project progress/plans and also make an oral presentation to the GSP. The GSP members will make a decision on whether they are Very Dissatisfied/ Dissatisfied/ Satisfied/ Very Satisfied with the student’s progress and the Supervisor will document the reasons for this decision in the Progress Report - Supervisor.

9.1.3 The Dean of Graduate Studies may refer Progress Reports to the Postgraduate Research Studies Board (PRB) for consideration. The Board may seek further clarification from the Supervisor(s) and Head of Department or may require a re-submission.

9.1.4 The submission of bi-annual Progress Reports is necessary in order to renew registration for a subsequent academic year.

9.1.5 In the event that the progress of the research student is unsatisfactory (as evidenced through bi-annual progress reports or in exceptional circumstances by formal submission from the Department to the Dean of Graduate Studies) the Institute’s procedures for removal from the relevant Research Register will be initiated. These are described in APPENDIX G, which forms part of these Regulations.