Mechanical Systems Simulation and Optimisation

Established in 2013 and based in the School of Mechanical, Electrical & Process Engineering at CIT, MeSSO is an academic research group primarily concerned with the advancement of knowledge in the applied mechanical and energy systems research fields.


The group has expertise in mechanical, thermal and energy systems modelling and optimisation, specialising in areas such as marine renewable energy technology, agricultural systems and building energy technologies. The group offers expertise in employing well-known commercial modelling software such as ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS Mechanical, MATLAB, R and TRNSYS. Various experimental facilities are also utilised for model validation purposes.


MeSSO is also responsible for the design and development of the NBERT, a national low energy retrofit testbed based at Zero2020. The group publishes peer reviewed research in the areas of dairy processing control, demand side management optimisation, energy systems, enclosed environments, computational fluid dynamics, regression modelling, mechanistic modelling & optimisation.“




Zero2020 Building

Cork Institute of Technology


Cork T12 P928




People in Mechanical Systems Simulation and Optimisation

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