SIGMA is exclusively focused on development, research advances, innovations and applied applications in cognitive machine learning technologies including computational, artificial and semantic intelligence using machine learning techniquestechniques, tools and technologies.  

SIGMA’s currently active research areas  and future core thematic research fields include:

  • Cloud based virtual research tool for biomarker detection.
  • Affective computing based intelligent software services for connected healthcare and cognitive care.
  • Agriculture Life science analytics platform using computational intelligence and genomics techniques.
  • Virtual cancer research and management platforms to be used infor personalised medical strategies and collaborative medical research.
  • Cloud based bioinformatics tools for biomarker detection and assay development.
  • Affective computing based intelligent software services for connected healthcare.
  • 3D and gGenetic algorithm (GAs) techniques for intelligent software applications virtual worlds and gamification. 
  • Artificial neural network (ANN) computation techniques for task decompositionbiomedical informatics.
  • High-performance computing for big data machine learning applications.

Research, development and project management expertise in cognitive  software technologies available at SIGMA include: 

  • Machine learning technologies and applications
  • Affective computing technologies and applications
  • Bioinformatics and computation intelligence techniques,  tools and applications
  • Quantified and diagnostic self,  tools,  technologies and applications
  • 3D intelligent virtual worlds and gamification for business and education 
  • eHealth (incl. connected health) and life sciences technologies and applications



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