V-LINC is an Expert Research Group which improves the competitiveness and innovativeness of regions and firms through mapping, visualising and analysing the strength of key relationships within Cluster Ecosystems.

To attract investment and develop strong, highly connected clusters, regions seek to develop policies which support economic growth and create prosperity within their local ecosystem.  The V-LINC analysis is applied to specific industry sectors to help regions understand their cluster ecosystems, strengths, constituent firms’ value chains, and R&D capabilities.

The V-LINC research team operates in partnership with cluster organisations, regional/national development agencies and policy makers to develop targeted strategic policies for industry sectors based on their strengths and capabilities.



  • V-LINC is the only analysis globally that can map and visualise your region’s key relationships, and showcase their importance regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • V-LINC identifies the firms and organisations that are key connectors within your Cluster Ecosystem. These organisations can be conduits for implementing new policy initiatives across the ecosystem.
  • V-LINC analyses engagement in areas such as research and development, innovation and training.
  • V-LINC develops targeted policy recommendations to increase collaboration between firms, increase R&D collaborations, develop internationalisation strategies and improve cluster performance.



V-LINC Research Group

Dept. of Management & Enterprise

Cork Institute of Technology


Cork T12 P928




Dr John Hobbs


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