CAPPA Centre for Advanced Photonics & Process Analysis

The Centre for Advanced Photonics & Process Analysis (CAPPA) is a research centre conducting both applied and fundamental research on photonics for applications in areas as diverse as Information & Communications, Imaging & Microscopy, Industrial Manufacturing & Process Monitoring, Sensing & Detection, Medical Devices, Lighting & Displays and Solar Cells.  


Photonics, the science of generating and manipulating light, has a global market of over €350 billion, and is a key enabling technology underpinning a wide range of application areas. The field of photonics is at the crossroads of several disciplines including physics, electronics, mathematics and chemistry. It has revolutionised telecommunications and the internet through the development of fibre-optic networks, but is also hugely important in a diverse range of other fields. Almost all materials have a spectral response, and optical technologies have the advantages that they can be cheap and compact, usually have a small footprint so can be integrated at/in-line, and are typically non-invasive and non-destructive. This makes photonics an ideal solution in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, biomedical and agriculture.


CAPPA’s research is built on an international reputation and track record in the study of semiconductor lasers and devices, and the analysis of ultrafast processes in semiconductor structures. Key areas of expertise include laser dynamics, advanced spectroscopy techniques, chemical analysis & imaging, and optical design & modelling. A core component of CAPPA is the Enterprise Ireland funded Technology Gateway, which has a remit to deliver photonics technology solutions to Irish industry, and has successfully worked with over 60 companies to date. CAPPA is also a partner in the Irish Photonic Integration Centre (IPIC), an SFI funded Research Centre led by UCC’s Tyndall National Institute. CAPPA has a strong collaborative relationship with Tyndall, with a number of CAPPA personnel co-located in Tyndall’s state-of-the-art facilities.



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