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Welcome to information related to our chemical engineering activities. Our graduates are employed in sectors that include pharmaceutical production, oil and gas exploration, environmental management, cement manufacture, food processing, business and finance and consulting, and the employment record from our courses is outstanding.  Graduates secure well-paid, satisfying, jobs at home and abroad.

Our premier course is the B.Eng. (Hons) in Chemical & Biopharmaceutical Engineering.  We have graduated over 700 engineers since 1983, and currently about one-third of our graduating classes are female.  In addition, we support the honours engineering degrees in sustainable energy technology and structural engineering and provide courses in Good Manufacturing Practice and Technology at degree and certificate level.  We also provide specialist courses to industry.  Our aim is to educate our graduates to be versatile, flexible, and well prepared for the different roles they will fulfil as they move along their chosen career path.

We pride ourselves on our relevance. Many staff have industrial experience. Our Clean Technology Centre is internationally recognised and our Irish National Centre for Membrane Technology is investigating separations of industrial and community importance.

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