The Nimbus Centre at CIT is Ireland’s research centre devoted to the field of networked embedded electronic systems. We are Ireland’s largest dedicated ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) research centre. Nimbus has 4 divisions: Research, Learning, Trialling and Industry.

The Centre boasts a range of complementary research and development expertise. Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, the Nimbus Centre focuses its research expertise on the following application areas:

  • Energy Management – building energy management, demand side management, intermittency analysis and control, smart micro-grids;
  • Water Systems Management – remote sensing and monitoring, water network management systems, waste water management;
  • Smart Systems – embedding of electronics in everyday objects, materials and structures to create aware environments that their occupants can interact with intuitively – the Internet of Things.
  • Applications in Tourism, Agriculture and Health

Nimbus’ Industry division, known as the TEC Gateway, provides a link to industry through innovation and knowledge transfer. The TEC Gateway works extensively with small to medium size Irish based companies who have requirements for ICT innovation, particularly in embedded systems.

Nimbus engages in world class research with SMEs, multinational industry and academic institutions. We provide the expertise, facilities and innovation services that are spearheading Ireland’s growing reputation as an IoT hub. 



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