MTU Cork Sanctuary Scholarships

MTU Cork in partnership with the Tomar Trust granted Sanctuary Scholarships to asylum seeker and refugee students wishing to pursue an undergraduate degree course in MTU Cork from September 2021.


Information on the 2021 Sanctuary Scholarships Scheme is available below.


MTU Cork Sanctuary Scholarships 2021 Eligibility Criteria... Applicants

  1. must be an asylum seeker or a refugee who is not eligible for the state Free Fees scheme 
  2. must meet the academic eligibility criteria for their chosen MTU Cork degree course through the CAO route and
  3. be living in the Republic of Ireland
  4. be able to live in commuting distance to Cork during the course of their studies and
  5. be availing of third level education for the first time.

More details on academic eligibility are below. Please note the scheme does not include accommodation support. For queries please contact


General advice for applicants to MTU Cork Sanctuary Scholarship Scheme for September 2021

  1. The Sanctuary Scholarship award requires both a traditional academic application to MTU Cork through the CAO, and a separate scholarship application. The scholarship application form is available below, and will CLOSE ON 2nd June 2021 at 17:00hrs
  2. Applications for scholarships will be open to those applying for undergraduate degree courses through the following CAO routes: Leaving Certificate, QQI FET/FETAC and/or Mature Student entry. Entry requirements for each course can be found in the MTU Cork full time undergraduate prospectus
  3. Ensure that you apply to MTU Cork through the CAO route (Leaving Certificate or QQI) before 1st May 2021. Those wishing to apply as mature applicants can do so via the CAO ( up to 1st May 2021 at 17:15 (except for restricted courses).
  4. Those who have applied through the CAO as mature applicants before 1st February 2021 can make amendments to their applications up to 1st March 2021 at 17:15. Please note mature applicants may be called for interview. Additional information can be found on
  5. Non-Mature Student (under 23 years of age on 1st Jan 2021) applicants making an application through the CAO with a view to obtaining a Sanctuary Scholarship, are advised to tick the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) box, and complete the HEAR application process (which is only available on applications submitted by 1st February 2021).  Read more about the HEAR Scheme.
  6. Non-Mature Student applicants can use the CAO change of mind facility until 1st July 2021. See CAO guidance here.
  7. Non-Mature Student applicants should use the CAO Change of Mind facility wisely, as this may help gain a better chance of gaining entry into MTU Cork. We would encourage you to apply for as many MTU Cork courses as possible, depending on your genuine study interests and eligibility. The CAO Change of Mind facility is open until 1st July 2021.

Please note that your separate Sanctuary Scholarship application won't be disadvantaged if the MTU Cork course discussed in your scholarship application is not the MTU Cork course you are offered in the end. Any personal statements about coming to MTU Cork should focus on your first preference MTU Cork course, and not on other MTU Cork courses you have applied for. Application marks will be awarded and checked by members of the MTU Cork Sanctuary Scholarship Committee.

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