Through excellence in research, innovation, collaboration and dissemination we will generate human, societal, health, cultural and economic benefit with impact regionally, nationally and internationally. 



MTU is a new University, but through its earlier foundations as an Institute of Technology has a long track record of excellence in research, knowledge transfer, innovation, scholarly activity and engagement that have measurable impact. Our activities are founded on collaboration and expertise across science, engineering, business, social sciences, humanities, the creative and performing arts and media. They are increasingly linked to issues of global relevance which the University addresses through the UN Sustainable Development Goals whilst aligning to, and advancing, national and European research priorities and strategies. 



We focus on our strengths in key areas and remain agile and flexible to capitalise on new opportunities and emerging areas of research. We support new and emerging areas by encouraging partnerships across disciplines within and external to the University and providing a mentoring environment which accelerates progress through sharing of best practise. We ensure our staff, students and partners are given the opportunities to achieve the maximum impacts from their efforts.


We are an outward facing University with a global reach. We embed open science/open research practices in our research. We disseminate the outcomes of our R&I widely, to support a more-informed public, to enable evidence-based policy making, to collaborate and co-create solutions with industry and by advancing fundamental knowledge. 


Throughout all our research, scholarship and innovation, we reflect our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, and adhere to the highest standards of integrity, dignity and respect. We continue to strengthen our participation in Athena Swan and the development of our Researcher Career Framework, whilst continuing our on-going commitment to the principles of The European Charter and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (HRS4R)

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