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Student Admissions and Registration

Academic year  2016/17 : New students

Year 1 full-time students:


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Check again at the end of August in case it is updated. Each student is required to attend for a few hours from the start time of the Registration (according to their course).  Most classes start Monday 12th September, but may start earlier (eg CSM start classes 5th Sept.).

Registration packs will be posted out at the end of August.

New Post Year 1 full-time students: if you are in Cork on 8th Sept., you can come into the Student Nexus at the Bishopstown campus for a short Induction and can collect your ID card at 2.30pm Thursday 8th Sept. Classes start 12th September, and you could also collect your ID card that week.



Academic year  2016/17 : Continuing students

Registering for the Academic Year 2016/17

  • All eligible Full-time Continuing students will be automatically enrolled for the new academic year 2016/17. Students do not need to complete a registration form.
  • Eligible Full-time students with Programme Options, or Progressing from one Level course to another (eg Level 7 to Level 8), were sent a Registration form in mid August. Return this form without delay.
  • Full-time students completing Work Placement or taking Autumn Repeats: After the Exam Board Meetings in September (usually the 2nd week of September), eligible continuing students will be automatically rolled to the new academic year; students on courses with Programme Options, or Progressing from one Level course to another, will be sent Registration Forms in the 2nd week of September which should be returned to Admissions immediately.

All students doing Exams Only or Repeating a module(s) in 2016/17, RPL applications, Project Only, and all Postgraduates, must ensure they are enrolled by 7th October 2016.

All classes start 9am, 12th September unless otherwise advised by your Department.  All queries regarding class schedules should be referred to the relevant Academic Department.

Timetables will be available online from 9th September at Please refer all queries regarding classes to your own Academic Department.

In September, check your email account for instructions on how to enrol online for Electives.

Students must check that they are enrolled for ALL MODULES in Semester 1 by 7th October 2016, and for ALL Semester 2 modules by 10th February 2017





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Admissions / Registrations Office

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