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The Institute can boast of the finest tourism and hospitality education facilities in the country.

The Department of Tourism & Hospitality has state of the art facilities for all its courses which comprise extensive specialist tourism education and training facilities, (two production kitchens, five specialist kitchens, two restaurants and a training bar), Front Office Reception room, general classrooms and lecture theatres, as well as Information Technology laboratories and a complete range of administration and support facilities.

The Head of Department is Dr. Noel Murray. The contact details for the department are:

Department Head

Dr Noel Murray
T: +353 21 433 5822

Department Secretary

Roisin Clancy
T: +353 21 433 5820




Full-time Programmes
  • Experienced provider of career focused education
  • Training with high practical content
  • State of the art teaching facilities
  • Work placement programme
  • Strong industry collaborations

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Click here for the list of recent national and international awards won by students of the Department of Tourism & Hospitality.

All our courses are designed to be career focused ensuring each graduate is equipped with the necessary skills to maximise their employment potential.

Full-time Course Listing

  • CR 041 BBus in Tourism Management

    Potential Areas of Employment
    • Tourism & Heritage Promotion and Development
    • Air, Cruise, and Coach based Travel
    • Visitor Attractions & Activity Centres
    • Tourist & Heritage Guiding and Information
  • CR 042 BBus in Hospitality Management

    Potential Areas of Employment
    • Hotel and Restaurant Management
    • Reservations and Revenue Management
    • Conference and Event Management
    • Human Resources and Training
  • BBus (Honours) in Hospitality Management

    Potential Areas of Employment
    • Hotel General Managers
    • Business Consultants
    • Hotel Group Operations Managers
    • Senior roles in large corporate hotels
    • Business owners
  • CR 640 BBus in Culinary Arts

    Potential Areas of Employment
    • Hotels and Restaurants
    • Food Marketing & Product Development
    • Pastry & Confectionary
    • Training & Education




Continuing Education programmes

All of our continuing education courses are designed to develop students’ skills and knowledge in the constantly changing tourism, hospitality and culinary sectors.

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts  
    The aim of this course is to develop advanced Culinary Art skills of a specialised nature. The emphasis is on extending culinary knowledge and ability in a flexible and imaginative manner towards excellence, innovation and artistic merit.

  • Advanced Certificate in Professional Cookery  
    Total Immersion Programme
    This course is aimed at mature participants, with a passion for cookery, who wish to pursue a career as a professional chef in the hospitality sector.  



  • Gourmet Culinary Techniques  – Semester 1
    This hands-on course provides skills and knowledge in the areas of cooking, enabling them to produce safe, nutritious and wholesome foods. The student will learn different techniques and processes associated with culinary hot and cold dishes from both traditional Irish and International Cuisines.
  • Bakery, Breads & Pastry  – Semester 1
    This course provides skills and knowledge in the areas associated with modern pastries and breads. It is suitable as a foundation course or to build on existing skills.



  • Food Photography & Styling   – Semester 1
    This course is suitable for those with a knowledge of food and basic camera skills. Students are required to bring their own digital camera to class and will need access to a camera tripod. Students will have access to photoshop, and a photographic studio with a studio lighting session during their studies.


  • Management Principles for Services  – Semester 1
    This course is designed specifically with the needs of the hospitality and tourism sector in mind.  It is ideally suited to existing Supervisors who have not previously had the opportunity to formally develop their supervisory and management skills.


  • Revenue Management & Distribution  – Semester 2
    The area of Revenue Management in the hospitality industry is of increasing importance in the overall strategic direction of the organisation. This course explores the rationale, theory and practice of Revenue Management and Distribution, which seeks to maximise the revenue and profit generated by the limited capacity associated with hospitality businesses.

  • Professional Bar Operations   – Semester 1
    This course aims to give participants an introduction to the knowledge, skills and aptitude necessary to become competent bartenders.




Department Policies / Guidelines: