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“Begin Again” at CIT

“Begin Again” at CIT

Published on: Wednesday, 15 September 2010

If you are a business owner or an unemployed person who has been on the Live Register for at least 3 months then this may be the perfect opportunity.

For many businesses the ability to hire new employees to tackle a specific project or to deal with outstanding work is not a runner. Financial pressures remain. However, this will change for those who participate in the “Begin Again” at CIT being offered by the CIT Alumni Association and the Rubicon Centre in association and the Irish Centre for Business Excellence (ICEB).

At the core of the programme is work experience. Companies can take on an experienced and qualified individual who has been made redundant (for at least 3 months) for work placement experience for 12 weeks. The individual placed in the company retains all Social Welfare benefits while gaining valuable experience and furthering his/her networking activities. To ensure both the company and the individual maximise this opportunity both mentoring support and training will be provided. It is a win-win for both the business and the unemployed individual.

The CIT Alumni Association is committed to delivering a range of alumni benefits and services that are of interest and of relevance to graduates. Glynis Dennehy, Alumni Relations Officer at CIT said “we want to ensure ongoing support to our graduates as they journey through life, especially during difficult times.” There are now over 15,000 registered alumni of Cork Institute of Technology.

Candidates on the programme will be matched to appropriate host companies and will be afforded the opportunity to demonstrate their potential to employers, to develop new knowledge and skills, remain close to the employment market, network with peers, and avail of personalised mentoring.

If you are a business owner or an unemployed person who has been on the Live Register for at least 3 months and you would like to learn more about this programme, please log on to or contact  for further information.

Please download:

FactSheet for Employers.pdf

FactSheet for Employees.pdf

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