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Event: Applying to CAO 2009

Sunday, 01 February 2009

Dear student

Making your CAO choice is an important decision for you. We invite you to consider what we have to offer in Cork Institute of Technology, especially now that we have increased our range of Honours degree options on the level 8 list, and also taking into account the huge range of disciplines and careers that you can access through in CIT.

The CAO system is fair and flexible, but it needs care on your part in using it. Don’t forget that you can change your choices after the 1st February deadline up to the 1st of July for most courses. We would like you to have a look at the “Top Tips” for using the CAO system (see link below).
CIT is not just about courses. This is Ireland’s best higher education college from the point of view of sports, societies and atmosphere. We were voted Institute of Technology of the Year a few years ago.

So good luck with your choices whatever they are. We hope to welcome you as a "fresher" next September.

Below, please find helpful links with regard to what is on offer at CIT.

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