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Event: Maia Monaco and Guillermo Pesoa to perform at Blackrock Castle Observatory

Friday, 13 February 2009

For one night only, Friday 13th February at 7pm, Maia Monaco and Guillermo Pesoa will perform at the Blackrock Castle Observatory.

The result of a long process of investigations by the Buenos Aires actress and singer Maia Monaco,  'A Sliver of Voice' presents its audience with a rich sonic tapestry of fleeting impressions and textured, mesmeric sound that explores the limits of theatre, poetry and music in perpetual feedback. Without relying on any technological devices beyond an old tape-recorder and with minimal scenic elements, the vocalist and lyricist Maia Monaco and the composer Guillermo Pesoa have created a richly resonant soundscape, without conventional plot but luring the audience into forming their own images and associations.

 'Un Hilo de Voz' premiered at the Borges Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires where it ran for almost a year to great public acclaim, before being invited to the International Veo Theatre Festival in Valencia, Spain.

Tickets €10 Limited availability

Tel: 021 4357917 





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