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Event: Bealtaine Food Festival > 'Farm to Fork, Fork to Student' 11am - 4pm

Thursday, 30 April 2009

CIT Bishopstown Campus - 29 April 11am - 4pm - This event is open to the public.

The Bealtaine Food Fest is a day of celebrating the coming of the wonderful season of summer.
Summer is a time for indulging in the most simplistic and delicious foods. From fantastically fluffy
potatoes to mouth watering creamy butter to the little gem that is wild garlic. Cork is a haven for
food lovers everywhere, but we must ensure to pass on the traditions.

At CIT we have over 12000 students spread across four campuses, this is a great opportunity to get the food message across through tasting and celebrations of our unique food culture. What better way than to come and meet our local food heroes and taste great Cork food. Learn why the producers are special and learn why their produce is so good. Bealtaine is all about connecting the living Cork artisan traditions with the contemporary lifestyles that surround the Bishopstown campus. It is essentially promoting the “farm to fork, fork to student” idea. Bishopstown campus is a perfect location for such an event as Cork city has been famous for trading on the Atlantic in the 1700’s and for the development of the Cork Butter Exchange, which became the largest butter market in the world.

CIT students have been waiting with baited breath for this day to come. 3rd year Culinary Arts and Bar Management students are transforming their Bishopstown Campus into a venue for a day of feast. Key industry figures will be taking part in this fantastic event.

Peter Ward will give a talk about the future of Irish Food. Peter is a well known consultant and artisan food producer and retailer at Country Choice Café and Deli in Nenagh, Co Tipperary. He is at the front of artisan food promotion in Ireland for the last 25 years. In that time he has earned Country Choice a national reputation for excellent and ethical food sourcing from Irish and European trusted artisan partners. For anyone who has never heard this man speak, it truly is not an occasion to be missed

Glenilen Artisan Dairy is one of the biggest Artisan Dairies in Ireland, situated in West Cork. Having started out at local country and farmers markets in 1997 the business has grown hugely over the years. The Glenilen produce is available almost everywhere however their country butter is not quite so widely available. This butter is a true gold, like no other! It is available occasionally only by special order. This butter is, literally, la crème de la crème: the carrier of the aromas and flavours of the cream from which it is made. Butter making really is a complex procedure, known to experts as the most exacting dairy crafts; throughout the ages of Celtic times the making of butter was always seen as so magical and exciting. Alan Kingston of Glenilen Artisan Dairy is the king of butter making in cork, he keeps his crown through keeping the age old traditions alive and incorporating them into his business. Alan will be treating us by coming to CIT to give a traditional butter making seminar. Learn about the tradition, see the transformation and taste butter like no other!!

Josef Fink of Ballybrado Organics is one of Ireland's leading Organic food producers. Known throughout the industry for his passion and promotion of Irish Organic produce Fink has revolutionised the industry through supplying organic produce around the world. Josef fink will be discussing his experiences as a leading organic producers, the industry itself and Genetically Modified foods.

The campus will also be buzzing with mouth watering produce from all over Munster. Some of Corks most famous faces will be standing behind their stalls selling the most beautiful foods from this culinary capital. Kay Harte from The Farm Gate in the English Market will be spoiling us by cooking up some delicious Tripe and Drisheen, a favourite amongst her regulars at the market. Kay is an active member of Good Food Ireland and is looking forward presenting real Irish food at the Bealtaine Festival. More stalls will be travelling to Cork to showcase their produce too, from organic burgers to beautiful breads to vegetables, chutneys, crepes, gourmet coffee and chocolate, local beers and much more.

This Bealtaine festival is about community, passion, celebration and the indulging in all of the fine things that come with this exciting mystical season. It is also about the passion that has been projected by these students, their interest in meeting producers and promoting the artisan and Irish food industry. Their focus on the people of the industry and products of the industry is the key to this event.

These students are the next generation, the future of Irish food, the promoters and activists that will keep these traditions alive. So join us on Wednesday 29th of April, take part and make a difference!

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