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Event: EuroCAMP (European Campus Architecture Middleware Planning) Conference > 18 - 19 May

Friday, 01 May 2009

18th and 19th May

The EuroCAMP (European Campus Architecture Middleware Planning) conference is an annual event designed to reach out to the European campuses and promote state-of-the-art middleware technologies. This event is a European wide event involving institutes and colleges from all over Europe, CIT is hosting the event on behalf of HeaNET and TERENA. The event runs May 18th and 19th and will take place in the IT 3 Lecture Theatre, in the Berkley Centre, CIT Bishopstown Campus at 9.30am.

The TERENA EuroCAMP workshops aim to develop the knowledge and skills that are needed by staff who are involved in the set-up of identity management systems (IdMS) for authentication and authorisation. The events provide an opportunity to learn about identity management, authentication, authorisation, directories and other middleware standard technologies.

More information/registration on the event can be found at

Details of the programme agenda are available at the following link

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