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Event: Re-engage with Education with CIT Upskill

Tuesday, 07 July 2009

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CIT Bishopstown Campus on Friday 28th August 2pm – 6pm

Sponsored by the CIT Alumni Association (CITAA)

“CIT Upskill” is an information clinic for anyone who wants to update their qualifications, add new qualifications or change career direction.

It came about through a CIT graduate contributing ideas as to how the Institute can assist those who may have become unemployed, or who feel they need to add to their skills to secure their current or future employment prospects

CIT will inform and advise graduates on options such as:
 Postgraduate programmes available at CIT
 People who are currently employed but would like to gain additional qualifications on a part-time basis
 Mature students, whether returning to learning or are considering going to college for the first time
 Starting your own business.

In addition to information on specific topics and for specific groups, there will also be a series of short talks on a range of use topics including:
 Careers advice for graduates who have recently become unemployed
 Making your CV work
 Interview skills
 Talks on how experience in the workplace can translate into “Recognition of Prior Learning” and can qualify for course exemptions etc.
 Study skills and time management advice


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