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Event: Upskill and Career Opportunity Day at CIT > 28th August

Friday, 28 August 2009

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, supported by the Evening Echo, has organised CIT UpSkill, a Free Upskill and Career Opportunity Day on Friday August 28th, 2pm - 6pm on CIT’s Bishopstown Campus, aimed at graduates, final year students and people who are in employment but would like to gain additional skills/qualifications.

The economic downturn has resulted in some executives and graduates joining dole queues so measures need to be taken to help. This is just one such event that CIT is organising to help graduates, final year students and anyone else interested in attending.

Frankie Sheahan, former Ireland and Munster rugby player, will address CIT UpSkill. Sheahan played for Munster from 1996 up to the end of the 2008-2009 Season and will talk about the extraordinary times we are living in, where; according to the 29 time caped Irish International, “nothing is impossible”.

CIT UpSkill came about through CIT graduates contributing ideas as to how the Institute could assist those who may have become unemployed, or, who feel they need to add to their skills to secure their current or future employment prospects.

On the day, options such as starting your own business, postgraduate programmes at CIT and talks on how experience in the workplace can translate into recognition of prior learning and can qualify for course exemptions, will be examined.

In addition to information on specific topics there will also be series of short talks on study skills, time management, career advice and marketing yourself along with making your CV work. There will also be “hot desks” with high profile graduates available to answer industry specific questions on where the opportunities are now and where the opportunities will be in the future.
UpSkill is free of charge to all CIT graduates and CIT final year students.

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