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CIT Societies


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Why should I join a Society?

Societies Awards Winners

Some of the greatest memories students have of their time in College are from getting involved in Societies and attending Society events. The diversity of CIT Societies means that practically every taste is catered for. College is a time of learning so you shouldn't confine yourself to activities you are already familiar with.

By signing up to a society you become an official society member.  You will receive information directly on upcoming events for that particular society so you are the first to hear about upcoming events and outings.

Education is more than academic studies. A Society is all about interacting and socialising with other students with similar interests, which in turn relieves the pressures of being buried beneath a pile of economics, chemistry or mechanics books!


How can I join a Society?

Societies Day - Wednesday 16th September

A very lively and vibrant Societies Day is the first opportunity to jump on the rollercoaster of college life. Thousands of students from all years will pour into the Student Centre from early morning to be greeted by an array of colourful exhibitions and stalls.

Sign up online

Submit your details online to join a society.


What are the societies I can join?

Any full time CIT student can join any society. For the full list of societies and contact information check out the societies website. The types of societies range include

Academic - Automotive, Business & Accounting, Chemical Engineering, Crawford, Electronic Engineering, Media Communications

Activities - Alexander Technique, Circus, Oirgami, PC Gaming, Sign Language Crawford, Yoga, Zen Meditation

Community - Cancer, Christian Union, Gaisce, Idea Hub, International Students, Irish Red Cross, Islamic, LGBT, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Post Grad

Interest - Anime & Manga, Creative Writing, Film, Graphic Novel, Guild Gaming, Photographic, Poker, Raspberry Pi

Music, Performance & Arts - Choral, Chamber Choir, Dance, DJ, Drama, Fashion & Beauty, Music, Musical, Open Mic