MTU Cork has a faculty based academic management structure. There are two faculties (Engineering & Science and Business & Humanities). Each of these faculties is made up of a number of schools (e.g. the Faculty of Engineering & Science has the School of Science and Informatics as one of its constituent schools) which are in turn made of of two or more academic departments (e.g. the School of Science and Informatics has 5 constituent departments).


The heads of Faculty are

  • Mr Tim Horgan (Head of Faculty of Engineering & Science)
  • Mr Gerard O'Donovan (Head of Faculty of Business & Humanities)

The University also has three constituent colleges (MTU Cork School of Music, MTU Crawford College of Art and Design, and the National Maritime College of Ireland).


The heads of the constituent colleges are

  • Ms Aiveen Kearney (Head of MTU Cork School of Music)
  • Ms Catherine Fehily (Head of MTU Crawford College of Art and Design)
  • Mr Cormac Gebruers, (Head of National Maritime College of Ireland)

A list of the faculties, constituent colleges, schools and academic departments is available in the faculties, colleges and departments section .


The other key central functions of the Institute are managed by the executive officers, namely

  • Mr Paul Gallagher (Vice President for Finance and Administration)
  • Mr Michael Loftus (Vice President for External Affairs)
  • Dr Áine Ní Shé (Acting Registrar and Vice President for Academic Affairs)

At the highest level, the University is managed by the President, the Governing Body, the Executive, and the Academic Council.




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