Academic Council

The Academic Council is appointed by the Governing Body to assist it in the planning, co-ordination, development and overseeing of the educational work of the college and to protect, maintain and develop the academic standards of the courses and the activities of the college.

The main functions of the Academic Council are

  • to design, develop and assist in implementing courses

  • to be responsible for making academic regulations

The Academic Council is also charged with making recommendations to the Governing Body on

  • structures to implement courses of study

  • programmes for research and development work

  • selection, admission, retention and exclusion of students

  • examination and assessment regulations

  • tutorial or other academic counselling

  • scholarships, prizes or other awards

  • any other delegated functions

The composition of the Academic Council, as decided by the Governing Body, is

  • Director (chairperson); Senior Staff (Heads and Assistant Heads, Senior Management Team); Elected Academic Staff (equal in number to Senior Staff); Librarian; and 5 Students.

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