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CIT Student Alumni Ambassador Programme


The aim of the CIT Student Alumni Ambassador Programme is to develop positive relations and interactions among students, alumni, faculty and staff.


Essentially by becoming an Alumni Ambassador you would act as a bridge between students and alumni. 


What's Involved

  • Greeting distinguished alumni at formal receptions.
  • Acting as tour guides to high profile visitors.
  • Planning student/alumni networking events.
  • Providing the current student perspective when meeting with alumni.
  • Providing testimonials about their CIT experiences at conferences and campus presentations.
  • Informing undergraduates of the Institute’s Alumni community and the services offered by the CIT Alumni Relations Office.



The benefits of being an Alumni Ambassador are:

  • Make professional contacts.
  • Potential opportunities to travel on behalf of the Institute.
  • Unique access to alumni and friends of the Institute.
  • Invitations to exclusive programmes and events.
  • Opportunities to acquire and sharpen leadership and communication skills.
  • Enhance your CV!!!


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