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Fees / Tax Relief / Refund Policy

Students should note that Fees quoted relate to the current academic year only and are subject to change on an annual basis.

Money Matters

  • NB The Fees Office will use your CIT email account for important communications.


Tax Relief

Tax Relief on Tuition Fees - Third Level Education Courses must be at least 2 academic years duration for undergraduates and 1 year for post graduate course.

Tax relief is available for one course per individual in a tax year and is at standard rate of tax.




Details of course fees are included with the course information. Except where stated, course fees cover the cost of tuition only. Registration fees for professional bodies etc. are payable separately to these institutions.

Students will be notified of their fees by e-mail to their CIT e-mail account and in all cases, course fees must be paid before attending lectures. Students can check their account balance and pay their fees online at


Failure to pay fees on time will result in a late payment fee of 10% being applied.

  • Where course fees are being funded by an employer, you are asked to seek payment or reimbursement from your employer. Where an employer requires an invoice in their Company name the employer must e-mail with the relevant details and the amount of Fees they will be funding.
  • For Semesterised courses, students pay for the relevant modules at the beginning of each semester. Payment of fees by laser, debit or credit card can be made online at or by phoning 021 433 5440. 


Students should familiarise themselves with the relevant section of the Student Regulations.

Please note that the Fees Office will use your CIT email account for important communications.


Withdrawing from a course

Students who wish to withdrawn from a course must notify the admissions office and complete a withdrawal form. Where Students fail to inform admissions of their withdrawal they will remain liable for any unpaid fees on their accounts. To withdraw from a course please click the button below.


Withdraw Online >>



Refund Policy

All courses at CIT will run subject to sufficient student numbers. Where a course cannot proceed, applicants will be contacted and advised on alternative study options. 

The following refund policy applies to all courses detailed in the Continuing Education Handbook for the 2016/17 academic year:

  • A full refund will be given to all applicants for courses which do not proceed.
  • A full refund will be given to students who withdraw before 5th September.
  •  Where students pay the online application fee to accept an offer they have 14 days in which to withdraw and claim a full refund provided the course has not commenced. 
  • A full refund (less 15% administration fee) will be given to applicants for short courses, if requested up to one week after course commencement. No refunds will be given thereafter. A short Course is less than 12 weeks duration.
  • A full refund (less 15% administration fee) will be given to applicants for semesterised and full year  courses  if requested up to one  month after the commencement of Semester 1 and before the end of February for Semester 2. No refunds will be given thereafter.
  • All applications for refunds must be made on the appropriate Refund Form which can be requested from the CIT Fees Office (email

NB: Students are reminded to ensure that they have clearly understood all the terms of their enrolment with CIT, in particular clauses concerning refunds, deferments, waivers, course transfers, and visa applications (when applicable).

Please note refund policy will be strictly adhered to.