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Linked Schools Programme

CIT Access Service provides a comprehensive range of supports for second level linked schools in Cork CIty and County. The Access Service supports students from under represented communities to access higher level education by providing a comprehensive programme of initiatives for schools and communities.

The aim of our Linked Schools Programme is to:

  • Facilitate access to higher education for students from under represented groups including ethnic minority students through higher education access entry routes;
  • Promote a positive adjustment and assimilation into the Institute, to help students make friends and develop a support group, to involve students in the total life of the Institute and to have students use such helping resources and students services of the Institute;
  • Provide a range of post-entry supports for students to aid their transition from second level to third level education.

For further information on the Linked Schools Programme or the CIT Progression Scheme, please contact Christine Nolan, Schools Project Coordinator, on or call 021-4335141. 


Please click here for the Progression Scheme Application Booklet. 


Please click here for a copy of 'Studying in Cork- a guide for Parents/Guardians'.