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Progression Scheme for Linked Schools

Students from Linked Schools can apply for entry onto programmes of study in CIT commencing September 2017



The Progression Scheme (PS) is a supplementary admissions route to CIT for school leavers from 21 Cork City and County schools.  CIT has had links with these schools through the CIT Access Service for over 17 years. Although our pre-entry programmes have emphasised progression opportunities and the benefits of studying at third level, the numbers of students progressing from these schools into programmes of study in CIT are still low. There is widespread evidence which shows that socio-economic disadvantage can have a negative impact on educational achievement at school and on progression to higher education.

Successful applicants will be given the opportunity to apply for programmes of study in CIT on a reduced points basis. The Institute will provide post entry support for the participants in the form of induction and orientation, academic supports, educational guidance and, where possible, financial assistance.

Who is it for?
The scheme is for school leavers from the linked Cork City and County schools who have the ability to benefit from and succeed in higher education and who do not have the economic means or the necessary social support and encouragement.

How does it work?
Applicants must:

  • Attain the minimum admission requirements for the course applied for
  • Applications will only be considered from students who have submitted an application for a CIT Programme of study through the Central Applications Office (CAO) and meet criteria 1 plus two more of the following criteria:
  • Low income family – the total gross parents/guardians income for the year ending 31 December 2014 is within the income thresholds for eligibility for the Irish Education Grants Scheme; (MUST MEET THIS CRITERIA)
  • Parent/guardians are in receipt of a means-tested social assistance payment(s) from the Department of Social & Family Affairs for a minimum of 26 continuous weeks in the year ending 31 December 2014;
  • Family are medical card holders;
  • The student is the first family member to study at third level;
  • Socio-economic group: applicant belongs to a socio economic group which is under-represented in higher education (i.e. non-manual worker's group; semi and unskilled manual workers group);
  • Attend one of the schools participating in the linked schools programme for at least five years.

The application must be supported by a letter from the Principal and/or Guidance Counsellor and/or the Home School Community Liaison Officer. Supporting documentation is required.

Cork Institute of Technology will select successful candidates based on their eligibility, their application forms and their school references.
Applicants who are not successful will be informed of the reasons. All applicants can request that his/her application be reviewed should he/she have reason to believe that an error occurred during the processing of his/her application.

If a student is unsuccessful under this scheme, the student may still gain admission to CIT through the normal CAO process, if they meet the entry requirements.

Please click here for the Progression Scheme Application Booklet. 

For more information contact Christine Nolan or Deirdre Creedon on T 021 433 5138 or E