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Non-Eu students

Non-Eu students on Full-time courses

Welcome to Ireland!

New Non-Eu students on full-time courses are also required to present original qualifications, and i) passport, ii) CIT study visa or GNIB card (if relevant).

If applying for Eu fees status, print off the application form (for September 2018 entry) available here from July 2018, and complete it before coming to Registration. Along with an original passport, a valid Stamp 4 GNIB card, it is necessary to provide official documentary evidence of residency in the Eu / EEA for 3 out of the previous 5 years to 1st Sept (minimum 36 months), and in some cases original letters from the Ministry of Justice. Examples of acceptable documentary evidence : a letter from your school,  your college, or your work, with exact dates (from and to).