Short Courses to Industry in Specialised Topics

We can tailor existing approved modules for client companies, or construct and deliver new, certified, modules. These are developed in partnership with the company to ensure satisfaction of needs, and subjected to our academic approval process to achieve conformity with national standards. In this way, companies and their employees can obtain top-class education and training. We have delivered whole courses and individual modules on an in-company basis to the pharmaceutical e.g. Novartis, biopharmaceutical e.g. Schering Plough, and medical device e.g. Boston Scientific, sectors. Popular individual modules are: MGMT6021 - cGMP 1 & Quality Assurance, BIOM6003 - Cleanroom Management, BIOM6004 - Contamination Control, MANU6011 - Calibration Science, and STAT6008 - Lean Manufacturing.
If your company is interested in adopting an existing module or asking us to develop specific solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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