Some High Points Through CMTI History

Crawford 1950



  • 1920s UCC collaborated with CMTI in the conduct of a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.  This association was developed because of the superior laboratory equipment at CMTI and specialized staff. When this collaboration ended, CMTI continued for some years with recognition of its degree by London University.
  • 1947 Radio Engineering was established to cater for the ever-growing use and technical developments of domestic radio sets.  This course was transformed into an evening class after some years.
  • 1961 Establishment of Block Release Course for Trainee Telecommunication Technicians (Dept of Posts & Telegraphs).
  • 1961 Establishment of Day Release Electrical Apprentice Course for electrical apprentice attending
  • 1962  Establishment of Block Release Course for Electrical Apprentice (ESB).
  • 1964 Establishment of Block Release Course for Electrical Apprentice (Installation and Maintenance non-ESB).
  • October 1961  VEC Prize Function (at School of Commerce). Mr MJ O’Keeffe, Senior Inspector Department of Education, announces “the time has come for Cork to get a new Technical College”. This need was identified because of the transfer of the Department of Building to Sawmill Street and the establishment of the School of Furniture.
  • Spring 1964 Mr Grennan, Inspector, Department of Education visited CMTI to set  the planning process in motion.  He stated that we should project twenty years ahead, auspiciously 1984.
  • August 1964 The first scehdule of projected courses wa submitted to the CEO.
  • 1966 OECD Report “Investment in Education” was submitted to the Department of Education.  The report concluded that Ireland would need 7,000 technicians p.a. if the country were to make any real manufacturing and economic progress. The Government establishes a Steering Committee to address the issue, and it concluded that Ireland should establish six regional technical colleges at Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Athlone, Galway and Carlow.  The Committee Chair was Noel Mulcahy and Secretary Jerry Sheehan.  Other colleges were also established to meet  political demands.
  • Mid 1960s CMTI conducted Teacher Training Courses for the Department of Education
  • 1966 CMTI established a number of technician courses, building on the already operating Industrial Science and Marine Engineering Courses.  Many of the these were based on the Department of Education Technological Certificate suite and others were recognized by City & Guilds of London Institute.  This range of courses was the model for the RTCs, and so CMTI was being recognised as an RTC in effect and the need to provide Cork with its new college was pushed to the back of the queue.
  • 1969 First RTC Principals were appointed, and colleges opened.
  • 1974 Cork RTC opened, thirteen years after it was originally projected. 
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