What is CIT’s role in the project?

We, as a partner member, are focused on developing the concept of Community Energy in Ireland, delivering the benefits that can flow from the development and ownership of such renewable energy projects for the communities of the region.


  • We will work transnationally with our other partners to deliver the best models and opportunities for Ireland based on their prior experience and knowledge to ensure that the region and all its citizens can benefit fully from the many renewable energy assets that exist in the area.
  • We will establish new energy community co-operatives across Ireland to enable the development of renewable energy projects for the benefit of its citizens into the future and to help them explore the opportunities that exist for their regions through sustainably exploiting their renewable energy assets and reducing their energy demands.
  • We will develop a Greenhouse gas (GHG) performance monitoring system to model the long-term social benefits of ECCOs.
  • We will work to ensure that Irish Energy Policy is designed to enable communities to benefit fully from the renewable energy assets in their areas, thus helping to ensure vibrant communities going forward.
  • We will develop a ‘One stop shop’ to provide all of the information required for communities to learn about how they can develop Community Renewable Energy, and what options they have based on their location and resources.








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