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Ed4Life and ePortfolio Development


The ePortfolio

ePortfolios are personal, digital learning spaces that support both the process of learning and the product of learning. 

The learner collects a wide range of authentic evidence in digital form, which can include not only written text; including original documents, but also images, audio and video.  The opportunity also exists for the learner's reflective practice to become more sophisticated as their graduate capabilities or employability skills increase throughout their graduate studies. In short the application of an eportfolio can be seen in the following short video:


What do we mean by digital evidence?

How can you demonstrate your writing skills? Have you a sample paper that you submitted or perhaps a conference paper? This is EVIDENCE.

What about your ability to communicate? Perhaps you have presented at a conference or are presenting at a conference. Can you ask a colleague to record it or maybe the presentations are recorded. Again this is evidence of communication skills.

What can an eportfolio do for you, the student?

In an ePortfolio  the student can:

  • Reflect on your learning and experiences
  • Identify what has been learned against generic skills: graduate attributes or employability skills;
  • View your progress over time
  • Obtain peer and mentor/supervisor feedback or support;
  • Develop personal identity/ies (social, political, academic, professional...)
  • Make action plans, record meetings therefore  manage learning and professional development
  • Collect, select and present items/evidence for assessment (RPL, formative and summative)
  • Collect and select items for presentation to a prospective employer or professional association.

My ePortfolio FOR Ed4Life STUDENTS - Online Career Portfolio

You can use your ePortfolio to record evidence of your skills and experience and store it in a secure but accessible website.  You can also share items from your portfolio with employers, academics or anyone else to help you achieve your goals. There are lots of free sites that can be used to create an eportfolio. WE encourage you to produce an eportfolio which can be shared with us and with colleagues. The eportfolio will be built up over the years of study for your PhD.

The following is a list of useful links which give the background to eportfolios and their usefulness in today's employability market.