Learning Environment


In first year, like most other engineering students, Sustainable Energy Engineering students mainly study science and maths subjects. There are also some engineering lectures and engineering laboratory sessions.

Attention is given to component scale and systems design along with efficient management, control and measurement of energy supply systems. The first two years of the course introduce and develop the fundamental components of an engineering discipline. The third and fourth years extend the specialist nature of the course.

The course material is available from recommended texts, internet resources, and downloads of lecture notes and computer presentations. Some modules incorporate a significant amount of video presentation and analysis of current topics from the scientific and popular media.

Students work in industry during the work placement module at the end of 3rd year. They find it enjoyable, interesting and educational and get hands-on work experience. They are normally paid for this work. They are able to work right through until  September gaining upto 6 months of valuable experience.

The Process, Energy and Transport  Engineering department is small. Students get to know their own classmates and the lecturing staff very well. They also get to know the staff and students from other years and programmes through undertaking some common and shared modules.


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