Play as Well as Work


The Energy Engineering Society has organised social events several times a year, these include the 1st year - 4th year social, inter-year football tournaments, quizes, etc.
There are a wide variety of sports clubs and facilities at CIT.

Participation in clubs and societies is encouraged by the Department. College is about the experience as much as it is about study.  There are 51 Societies in CIT. Some of these are discipline based, like the Energy Engineering Society, or focused on a category of student, like the International Students Society, or on particular interests like the Circus Society or Family Guy Society. For more information, see:

There are 37 sports clubs, ranging from Aikido to Volleyball with lots in between. If you are joining a football club, remember there is Gaelic football as well as rugby and soccer! Facilities are excellent and CIT students have played on provincial and national teams and some have competed at international level. For more information, see:
For more information about student life, see:

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