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Student Fees Regulations

Student Fees Regulations 2018/2019

Fees Regulations

Students are not eligible to attend class unless all outstanding fees are paid or guaranteed by a grant awarding body. Fees unpaid at enrolment are to be subject to late payment fee of 10%.

For Part-time, Apprentice and Postgraduate programmes that have start dates other than September, fees must be paid before course commencement or a late payment fee will be applied to accounts.

A student with outstanding fees and charges will not be permitted to register in a subsequent year, until such time as the outstanding fees are paid in full.

Students with fees owing to the Institute

  • Will not be able to access their results
  • Will not be issued with academic transcripts or any other official credentials 
  • Will not be permitted to graduate
  • Will not have access to library borrowing and other library services
  • Will not have access to the Institute’s computer systems, including internet and e-mail
  • Will not have access to any Institute facilities

In all cases the Institute considers the student to be solely responsible for any financial liability to the Institute.

Students who have a recognised sponsor will be liable for any unpaid tuition fee costs if the sponsor defaults on payment in any given semester.

In the event of a fee being paid by a cheque which is subsequently returned by the bank unpaid the student will be notified that the fee is now outstanding again and an administration charge of €30 will be applied to the appropriate account.

The Institute reserves the right to correct the fee charged to a student in the event that an incorrect fee is notified as a result of human error, incorrect information being obtained at enrolment/registration or a change in student circumstances which affect the fee due.

Non-receipt of a Student Fee Payment Notification and Fee Schedule by a student will not be accepted as a valid reason for non-payment of fees.

Payment of Fees

By Semester

The facility to pay fees per semester is available to the majority of students.

By Instalments

The facility to pay semester fees in monthly instalments is available to the following students only:

  • Full-time Students who have applied for but have not yet been awarded a grant.
  • Full-time Students who are not entitled to a grant and who are experiencing severe financial difficulties can apply to pay their fees in monthly instalments. This process is means tested and detailed documentation must be submitted.

Policy for Instalments

  • Students  must  complete the Instalment  Application form and submit the necessary documentation by 30th September.
  • Any Instalment Application not accompanied by necessary documentation will not be considered. 
  • Students who complete and sign the Instalment form are thereby agreeing to pay the fees by the specified dates.
  • Students who fail to pay the instalments by the due dates will be  subject to a late fee of 10% on the  balance outstanding and the withdrawal of services as outlined in the Fee Regulations Section.
  • Students who do not qualify for the instalment facility must pay the full fee immediately.
  • Students who have unpaid fees as a result of defaulting on an Instalment agreement will not be considered in subsequent years.


Free Fees Initiative: Full-Time Undergraduates

The free tuition fees initiative for third-level students will be fully operational for this academic year. As a result only a very limited number of students, such as repeat students, Non-EU students, and those who have previously attended a higher education course and are now commencing a new course will be required to pay tuition fees. Those students will be notified of closing dates for payment of these fees at a later stage. The EU full-time tuition fees for 2018/2019 are as follows:

EU Full-time Tuition Fees

Certificate (Level 6) €250.00
Ordinary Degree (Level 7) €250.00
Honours Degree (Level 8) €819.00
Honours Degree (Level 8)
Architecture or Engineering Degree



Where a student is eligible under this scheme, the Full-time Contribution fee is payable by each student, unless they are in receipt of an approval letter advising of a Grant. The Full-time Student Contribution fee for the academic year 2018/2019 is €3,000.

Union of Students in Ireland (USI) Levy

The USI membership levy of €7.00 was introduced as a result of a referendum where students opted to affiliate to the national Students’ Union. This Levy is not covered by a SUSI grant and must be paid before the start of term in September 2018.

Criteria for Determining Eligibility

Tuition fees will be paid in respect of EU nationals who have been ordinarily resident in an EU Member State for at least three of the five years immediately preceding their entry to their third-level course, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Tuition fees will be paid only in respect of students attending full-time undergraduate courses.
  2. The course must be of a minimum of two years duration.
  3. Tuition fees  will  not  be  paid  in  respect  of  students  pursuing  a  second  undergraduate  course.  However, notwithstanding this condition, students who already hold a Higher Certificate or Ordinary Degree and are progressing to an Honours degree course without necessarily having received an exemption from the normal duration of the course may be deemed eligible for free fees.
  4. Students who have previously pursued but not completed a course which has not attracted any exchequer funding may be deemed eligible for  free  fees  subject  to  compliance  with  the  other  conditions  of  the free fees initiative.
  5. Students who have pursued a course of third-level study which has attracted exchequer funding (e.g. fees, maintenance, tax relief, subsidy  towards course cost) and who have not secured a  terminal qualification  and subsequently resume third-level studies are not eligible  for  free  fees  for  the  equivalent  period  of time spent on the first course of study. Part-time and Evening students are included in this category.
  6. Except in the case of  second  chance  students  (see (e)  below),  tuition  fees  will  not be paid  in  respect  of students doing repeat years or in respect of students repeating a year-level having changed (but not completed) their undergraduate course. This condition may be waived in exceptional circumstances such as cases of certified serious illness.
  7. Tuition fees will be paid in respect of students who, having attended, but not completed, approved courses, and who did not obtain a qualification, are returning following a break of at least five years in order to pursue approved courses at the same level in the 2018/2019 academic year.
  8. The tuition fees payable do not include the payment of up to €3,007 to be made by students towards the cost of registration, examinations, student services and student levies.

In order to qualify for the Free Fees Initiative, applicants

  1. must be first-time undergraduates and
  2. hold EU nationality or official refugee status and
  3. have been ordinarily resident in an EU Member State for at least three of the five years preceding their entry to an approved third-level full-time course.

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals who have not been resident in the EU/EEA/ Switzerland in recent years but have completed at least five academic years of study in the EU/EEA/Switzerland (at either primary or post-primary) will also now qualify for the EU Rate of Fees.

This criterion became effective from the beginning of the academic year 2014/15.


Withdrawal Implications: Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition Fees

If an eligible student officially withdraws from an approved programme on or prior to 31st October, the Institute will not claim tuition fees from the Exchequer.

If an eligible student officially withdraws from an approved programme between the 1st November and 28th February, the Institute will claim 50% tuition fees from the Exchequer.

NB: Students must complete the online official withdrawal form and return it to the CIT Admissions Office.

Waiver of Fees

Full-time tuition fees may be waived on certified medical grounds or other exceptional circumstances. All medical waiver applications must be made in writing to the Registrar and Vice President for Academic Affairs and supported by documentary evidence. Students should not seek waivers other than on grounds of certified medical illness, family bereavement or other serious exceptional circumstances.


Refunds of fees paid

Full-Time Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programmes

Students who officially withdraw from their course before 31st October will be refunded their Semester 1 fees less a 15% administrative charge.

Students who officially withdraw from their course before 28th February will be refunded their Semester 2 fees less a 15% administrative charge.

NB: Students must complete an online CIT Withdrawal Form and return it to the CIT Admissions office by 31st October (Semester 1) or 28th February (Semester 2) in order to be eligible for a refund.

CAO Applicants

For any CAO applicants, fees paid are refunded or transferred where a student subsequently takes up an offer from another Higher Education Institution or takes up an Apprenticeship or re-attends second level in the same academic year. No administrative charges apply. In such cases the student must submit a letter from the other Institution confirming their enrolment.

Part-time and Evening Courses 

  • All part time fees must be paid before commencement of the programme.

  • A full refund will be given to all applicants for courses which do not proceed.

  • A full refund will be given to students who withdraw before 5th September.

  • For courses commencing in Semester 2 A full refund will be given to students who withdraw before 15th January 

  • Where students pay the online application fee to accept an offer they have 14 days in which to withdraw and claim a full refund provided the course has not commenced.

  • A full refund (less 15% administration fee) will be given to applicants for short courses, if requested up to one week after course commencement. No refunds will be given thereafter. A short course has a duration of 12 weeks or less.

  • A full refund (less 15% administration fee) will be given to applicants for semesterised  and full year courses if requested up to one  month after the commencement of Semester 1 and before the end of February for Semester 2. No refunds will be given thereafter.

  • Where possible payments made online will be refunded to the credit/debit card used.

  • Bank Refunds must be made on the appropriate Refund Form which can be requested from the CIT Fees Office.