Withdrawing from a Course

Financial Implications

Full-time Undergraduate students who wish to withdraw from a course should familiarise themselves with the financial implications that may arise should they wish to return to unversity at a later stage.


  • Your university fees comprise of 2 main elements, the Student Contribution fees €3,000 and the Tuition Fees.
  • For eligible students the tuition fees are paid directly to the university on our behalf by the HEA. In ordinary circumstances the HEA will only fund you for each semester once.
  • For eligible students SUSI fund the student contribution fees and similar to the HEA they will only fund you for each semester once.


The following summary shows the total fees for the year and the % of fees claimed from the HEA and due from the student after the Withdrawal/Deferral deadline dates.


Fees Summary
Tuition Student
Higher Certificate (Level 6) € 250 € 3,000 € 7 € 3,257
Ordinary Degree (Level 7) € 250 € 3,000 € 7 € 3,257
Other Degree (Level 8) € 819 € 3,000 € 7 € 3,826


Degree (Level 8)

€ 1,450 € 3,000 € 7 € 4,457




Full Time

On or Before 31st October

Withdrawn/Deferred from
1st November to 28th February

1st March
Student Contribution 0% 50% 100%
Tuition Fees 0% 50% 100%
USI Levy 0% 100% 100%
Refund Full refund less 10% Admin Fee Full Refund of Semester 2 Fees less 10% No Refund



Example: If a level 8 Business student withdraws on 1st  December the college will claim 50% of their tuition fees (€409.50) from the HEA and the students fees are €1,500. If this student changes course at a later date they may be liable for the tuition fees for Semester 1 as the HEA will not fund this portion a second time. If this student applies for a grant after changing course their fees may only be funded for Semester 2 of the new course. If they received a maintenance grant and received 3 payments before withdrawing they will only receive the remaining 6 payments when they change course (Maintenance grants are paid in 9 monthly instalments).



Notifying the university of your Withdrawal or Deferral.

Students who wish to withdraw from their course are advised to complete the online Withdrawal Form and submit it as soon as possible. If you are unable to access or complete the form please email admissionsCork@mtu.ie


Students who do not formally withdraw or defer continue to be enrolled on their course and the college will claim their full tuition fees for the year.

Students may also have outstanding fees on their accounts which will affect their enrolment should they return to college at a later stage.


Students who are deferring their course should complete the deferral form and submit it to the admissions office before 31st October (Semester 1) or 28th February (Semester 2). Only in Exceptional Circumstances will an application for a deferral be considered after these dates.


Students who successfully complete a stage of their programme e.g. year 1 are automatically enrolled for year 2. Therefore, students who do not intend to return for the next stage of their programme must formally notify the college of their withdrawal.




We would encourage students, staff and parents to contact the fees office to discuss the financial implications of withdrawing from a course and possible options should the student wish to return to university at a later stage.









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